List of 10440 li-ion (+pls help with test)

Thanks! Do you use them in any direct drive lights?

I use them in an Olight i3S and an iTp A3. They seem like they’re DD on high since they are much brighter with the Efest than the Ultrafires!

My research consisted of reading every 10440 test I could find. The Efests look better on the charts than anything that has been tested so far…at least that Google could turn up. :slight_smile:

That’s good to know. I had been considering the blue Ultrafires too.

Efest is definitely better. The Ultrafires were my first 10440…I got the protected gray ones. Eventually I removed the PCBs because they wouldn’t fit my lights. They work ok now but if I want more ‘wow’ it’s always the Efest.

Further search of the site reveals this:

Unfortunately no explanation in the description of the difference except for ‘newest design’ and a significant increase in stated weight.

Maybe they didn’t change the photos. Cost is nearly twice as much for button top?

Indeed, considering the substantial price difference I would like to have an explanation.

I’m awaiting a response from the store and will let you know the details when I have an answer.

I’ve wondered if they could secretly be the new top 10440. :love:
Anyone want to do discharge tests on these efest ‘newest design’ IMR 10440s :bigsmile:

Efest’s normal imr 10440s are great but compared to the energy density of 18650 there is a lot of room to improve them.

I carry the Efest IMR10440 V1 Black in my custom made Ti neck light. Also in my Ti HF from MBI, and carry 2 spares. Every day, for the last 6 months or so. Also use one in the Mini Mag that Rufusbduck cut down and customized for me. So I have 3 in play any given day with spares on my person. Can’t beat em. The only cell in this class that can power up an XM-L a 3A on startup.

I also have some of the new ones on order, they’ve been a long time getting here…hope they’re not lost in the SNAFU.

There really is no comparison on the market, the Efest V1 is the hands down winner in the 10440 class Li-ion cell.

Thanks, Dale! Wow does your Ti light not get really hot on high with 3A? I am wondering just how long I can hold an i3S on high with IMR 10440. Maybe one for carrying whilst wearing my bunny mittens. :bigsmile:

That’s the HF from MBI Chloe, it’s direct drive and yes, it gets hot! Fast! 30 seconds or so run at a time. But, that’s kind of the first time, each time gets longer because the battery is losing charge so of course it’s not hitting hard after the 1st couple of bursts. The light also has a ~40 lumen lo, so it’s useable all the same.

My Custom Texas Poker has a Nichia 219, the high output version, and is making some 200 lumens on Hi. It has the copper head with exposed fins and will get hot after a few minutes, but not too hot to hold. I primarily use it on Lo or Med, as it is a 3” flashlight. But if needed, it’s got a 30-50yd beam and has come in quite handy on many occasions.

I carry a spare for it in a matching Ti keychain holder with copper “bullet” head. And another in a Delrin case in my pocket.

The BBC 261L that Rufusbduck made for me runs 1.1A on Hi for a sphere measured 261 Lumens on Hi, measurements courtesy of texaspyro. Also a 3” light, also with copper in the head and exposed copper fins. The Efest cells kick butt in this class, seriously! I have 8 of them, with 4 on the way (hopefully, been on order for a month now)

The Texas Poker and it’s Battery Bunker (The Benchmade AFCK has a 3.9” blade, by the way)

TP and it’s Efest IMR10440 V1 cell

I think that’s what I want from a small “urban EDC” light, lots of modes and having the option of super bright for short periods. Nice battery case, btw!

This is amazingly nice, with 3 modes and a very surprising amount of light on the high end, Scott made this with hand tools and a whole lot of time!

The Solarforce S2200 provides background. :wink:

This and the TP along with my HF’s (Ti and full copper) are my 10440 lights, they blaze on the Efest 10440’s, other brands, not so much. So as nice as they are, it’s Efest that makes em POP!

Order in September?

Did you see the new notice on

I ordered a couple on 9/2. Just today I got a response to an email I sent, my 10440s were returned and they are refunding.

Received a response and apparently the ‘newest design’ cells at twice the price were an administration error and have been ‘corrected’

LINK no longer relevant.

Placed an order and will do some capacity testing when/IF they arrive.

I thought I remembered reading on the Efest site that orders sent out before a certain date in Sept, or Order numbers up to XXXX were in issue and mine was after that, fairly far away actually, so I’d hoped I had a package coming. They do state that if the package is returned they will refund the money and we can re-order.

So, since there has not been a refund issued, I was assuming they had not seen the package come back to them. Keep checking the mailbox, :slight_smile:

Sent Kiko a query on my order, we’ll see how that goes.

Was just going to place my order and get this on Efest site:


Sorry Chloe, I got mine on ebay. The Efest site didn’t seem very user-friendly to me. Where are you located?

Too far from anywhere!! ;_; I sent Selena a message through their Alibaba site so let’s see how much they charge.

In the UK, 7.49 GBP for a pair:

Half of the links don’t even have efest batteries! :expressionless: Others don’t have 10440. The one that did have 10440 charges more then ebay sellers.

Perhaps some are new efest resellers and just haven’t listed the batteries yet. :~

Time to to take your collection of lights and knifes and move!
Way better knife laws in other places anyway. You can actually step outside your front door while carrying one! :bigsmile: