list of 18650 chargers that reset pcb

I know the old version of the Fenix 2 bay charger would reset the tripped 18650. My other chargers can’t.

Need an updated list of chargers that can, since mine broke. Generic suggestions welcome.

Thought most did (at least any worth buying). All of mine do.

Best resource is have a read here:

Idid my 200 hour of 18650 research already. My chargers are xtar and Fenix. Cells , only protected Panasonic. I wish to know 2015. Models that can charged tripped cells that hit 3 volts without hassle….my xtar 6bay and 4bay cannot charge my brand new panaonics on first run if they hit 3volts. My Fenix could, until it died last week. Will that like offer real 2015 brands? Look like a tutor school. I ruled our imr, as not making spec…

Nitecore I2, I4, D2, D4

Add these to the list-

Xtar SP2
Soshine s1 mix

Xtar VC4

I think the Xtar WP2H is supposed to do this.

But after reading the English directions several times, I’m really not sure if that’s what they mean by “revive” an overdischarged cell.

The VP2 does not reset protection? I thought it did somewhat…