Little dragons

So i’m still on the finger rings kick. I started this one immediately after the skulls so working on it about the last 3 weeks. I hardly took any build pics. I could work a bit faster that way.

I ordered up these dragon rings but just now (while looking for a pic) found I could’ve ordered them without the glow

It had crossed my mind to order up a few copper fwaa ’s and fitting the dragons to the body but i ended up using all the dragons on a single custom light.

I chose a copper pipe for the body and brass bar for the head and filled the tail part of the copper pipe with brass.

The “glow” coating on the rings was inconsistent from ring to ring and they kinda looked like they were covered in mucus. So i cleaned off the coating, i assume it was some kind of epoxy. The middle ring in this next pic is cleaned, the other two are not.

To hold the rings in place i dabbed spots of solder paste on the tube, slid the ring into place, repeat one by one, then used a q-tip to try and clean up any excess, finally i used a small blow torch to heat the tube from the inside and bonded the rings to the tube.

Components are -
Lexel driver with bistro
xpl hi 1A on noctigon
banggood switch fitted with Lexel battery indicator lighted board
reflector from an old uf2100 though i’ve ordered up a replacement from kaidomain since it’s seen better days

In the past i have criticized those skulls fitted to pocket clips. I’ve about gone full circle with this build. Whilst i still think attaching aesthetic pieces to the outside of clips is still not the best idea i can also admit this light is impractical and an acquired taste :zipper_mouth_face:

My wife said it’d look better if the body was black. I thought that could be an idea since i have some copper and brass blackener but after soldering the rings to the body I found a spot where i hadn’t cleaned the excess solder paste well enough so that section would not blacken. So i just left it the natural colour.

Also i think I need to fit a different bleeder since the lighted tail is indicating low battery even with a fully charged one.

I’m still in the process of acquiring this particular taste :innocent: , but this is another outstanding custom PP light that fits wel in your amazing sig-lineup! :+1:

Thanks djozz. But are you saying my whole sig-lineup is an acquired taste…? :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


No, a lot of them I find very beautiful :slight_smile:

Nice light but I agree with the wife. Would give a better contrast with the dragons.

These are beautiful!

Wow! Very nicely done. :+1:

Very creative and looks really cool! Nice job soldering the dragons onto the body.

Can you give more info on the Lexel battery indicator lighted board?

Thanks guys :beer:

Lexel’s pics seemed to have all disappeared but I think this was the thread I ordered a couple last year, this is the first to get used. I’ll post a pic of it later.

Very nice finish PP :+1:



Thanks CNCman :beer:

I had a look but couldn’t decipher which resistor is the bleeder. Can anyone point me to which one it is please :slight_smile:

This is the driver

I got the bleeder sorted. Resistor is soldered over top of C1 capacitor. :student:

Since Lexel’s pics seem to be down here’s some more info on the tail board. When the voltage drops below about 3.2v the 3 outside red leds light up. Not sure at what voltage it completely cuts out, i didn’t test for that. The main tail colour for this particular light is red which in retrospect wasn’t the greatest choice.