Little help please

Hello everyone, longtime lurker love the community.

I’m looking for a battery for a single cell 18650 setup for 2 scenarios. 1: small flashlight 2: my medical marijuana handheld vaporizer.

The tricky one is my vaporizer requires like 20a minimum to work. The companies batteries are CELLKING 40A 3100mAh 18650 Li-ion Battery Cell - 2 Pack

To be honest I’m wondering if these would be better?

Some key info, when my vaporizer says the battery is dead it’s at 35-60% charge (according to their charger) (I have 3 sets of 2 cells all a year apart approximately and they are weakening over time)

Question is, do you think my alternative options of batteries would work sufficiently? Better?

– instead of new thread il ask about charger here –

I currently use two of these: Huni Badger HBD2 Dual Slot Quick Charge compatible Battery Charger / Powerbank

They charge at like 4.9-5.1v at up to like 2a the voltage has me questioning excess wear?

Would something like this be a better option?

Thanks for anything you have to contribute!

Ps I love my blf lantern! Perfect for fishing!

I’d recommend the Molicel P28A:

Don’t buy batteries on Amazon, there are a ton of fakes on there.

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The first link I posted was the recommended batteries directly from the vaporizer company. The second was a company I learned about here or candle power forums? I agree I’d never buy 18650s from Amazon not worth the fakes.

The Amazon link I posted was a charger I’m considering getting to replace the OEM one

I see the company you recommended has a variety of cells that may fit the bill? Any reason not buy like 1 cell of 5 different batteries to ‘try’?

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I’m sorta OCD and having 5 different cells would drive me nuts but other than that, I can’t think of any reason not to try multiple cells as long as all the devices take 1 cell(you definitely don’t want to mix and match)

I’m a Molicel and Samsung fan, the Sony/Murata are usually much more expensive but are also good.

Those 3 catch my eye the most. That 40a one has me curious for sure.

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Epoch is their store brand.
I’m 90% sure it’s just a rewrapped Molicel P28A

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Have you seen a p30b from molicel? Looks like you might be right about the rebrand of the p30b if the 40a is to be believable.

To me Sony’ has the best cells – High amp draw and last longer – Stay away from Efeist-- I’m curious how these cells plus the Molicel handle your vape machine – more than likely the original cells are not of the same quality

So do we know much about the epoch x4 touch charger? It caught my eye, even though it’s 40$ more than the one I linked in the OP…

For batteries I’m eying grabbing the following:
Sony vtd5c
Molicel p30b
Epoch p28b
Molicel p28b

If they all perform about the same il just use em… if not il replace what ones are subpar.

I can’t wait for payday ugh haven’t invested much in batteries ever lol

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Didn’t realize these were already in stock and being sold.

These are three ones you want. I wouldn’t bother with any of the other cells.

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Best 18650s are Molicel p28a they are 2800mah and constant discharge of 35a this place also has the best prices around with quick shipping

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So I ended up ordering those newer p30b from 18650batterystore last week… they gave me a tracking number but it hasn’t gotten into USPS hands still?!

I emailed them yesterday, no reply… called today and it says they are closed that their hours are 10 or so to 4pm… it’s 230pm tho… how are they closed?

Kinda frustrated… really don’t wanna have to change my bank card and everything… ugh

I’ve ordered from many times without issue.

A buddy of mine had a delay on 1 order but he did get everything he ordered.

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That’s odd, I have also had good experiences with 18650batterystore in the past. I hope the company isn’t struggling or something.

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Well I got ambitious and called again… I honestly hate confrontation… a nice lady named Marlene answered and got us on the same page.

She said USPS has it and has 7 days to update the tracking. If not to call back after 7 days and the company will file a claim with USPS and reship.

I feel much better talking to her about it. Tbh I wanted these cells yesterday… I swap out cells like 5x a day… ugh :weary:

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Here lately, I’ve been receiving my packages a full day before USPS shows it delivered.

Glad they are taking care of you.

I’ve been getting USPS ground advantage or whatever it’s called and getting deliveries faster than ups ground… but this company is out of Georgia, and apparently they are having shipping delays so bad senators are involved. Google Atlanta shipping delays…

I’ve been emailed 3x that it’s left palmetto, Georgia… so idk what clusterfk is going on but at least it should get here eventually? Lol

I do know now that it’s definitely not 18650s fault, I regret wanting to point fingers at the company instead of the shipper. My apologies 18650batterystore my conclusions were preemptive.

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This is a rebranded Xtar PB2S. The 4.9-5.1V on the display is the input voltage and does not indicate that it’s overcharging your batteries.

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That’s interesting! Didn’t know it was a rebrand.

My batteries came in the mail today! If it moved this fast from the start I’d have had it Saturday… Lmao

I’m charging them up on my new nitecore sc4 as I type this. I almost went with a charger with a touch screen but budget prevented that…

Super excited to try them.

The irony my intent is a to use with a electric nectar collector/vaporizer, they say not to use with a vape or e-cig right on the label!

Granted imo vaporizer!=vape… vape is a nicotine device not a portable dab rig.

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Ok so I charged one, use till hunibadger device says too low power, then recharged. The sc4 reports 2629mah to charge to full.

My old battery when new would report 35% juice left when the hunibadger would say too low according to my old charger. 35% of 3016mah is 1055mah. significantly more than the 371mah on the p30b!

That alone tells me the hunibadger kept the juice strong enough longer than the old cells ever could.

Real life results? The tip of the hunibadger gets hot a second or so faster, seems to keep the temp without fluctuating as much when melting dab, and lasts for many more power cycles than the OEM battery

Honestly even if they don’t work in my flashlight they work as needed for the vaporizer. Although something tells me il be happy on the flashlight front too!

Fwiw all the p30b cells charged about 2200-2250mah first charge.

The only negative? The company being anti-vape… if it wasn’t for that I’d recommend the vaporizer company upgrade their cells they sell to these.

Goal is 2yr lifespan, something tells me I might get more than that