little prize contest (ended)

Ok, I admit that the main reason for this post is showing off my new favourite EDC-light for the next couple of years ( ;-) ). I got it a fair bit cheaper than usual from a dutch seller, so I went for it, received it yesterday. I am completely delighted by it. But this is also a contest with three questions. The winner will receive my Trustfire Z2:

I have had the Z2 for a year now and was planning to thorougly mod it, but it proved very resistant to modding and the host has a bit too many flaws to make all the trouble worth it (sorry leaftye, I promised that i would do it but I am actually a too lazy man with not that much time on my hands). As a stock light it is already nice though, and it is in a good condition because I have not really used it. I will send it to anywhere the winner lives.

On to the contest. This is my new EDC :-) The first two questions are: What two things about this light -as seen in these pictures- are unusual (UPz has noticed already one of the two unusual things before in another light, the second thing is unique to this light). The third question: as you can see I wounded two fingers at the same time (like: without noticing it at first, I seriously damaged them and now, a day later, it still hurts a lot) , how did that happen and what is the link to this light?

The first to answer all three questions correct, or correct enough to my opinion, will receive the Z2. If by somewhere saturday no-one has figured it out, I will have to mod the Z2 all the same :-(


OK, I’ll give it a go. It looks like you have a D25A twisty that fits a RCR123; pretty cool stuff! Second, you stuffed a clicky switch on there. I’m guessing the injury was from a burn or a sharp cut when boring the body tube.

Whoops! Looks like I’m completely off my rocker here. That’s a D25A Ti twisty head! The body looks like a D25A Ti body, but the diameter leads me to believe it’s a D25C despite the markings. I’m stumped at this point.
Pretty awesome EDC by the way! I’m jelly :stuck_out_tongue:

D25A is a 14500 light and there is a 16340 on the picture.
It is a limited titanium edition.
Burned the fingers while picking up a hot led, because of smoking some weed so you recognized it a day later.

Thanks for the attempt :-) , but no, I am not so gifted that I can do what you describe.

I wish that I had the space and machinery (and skills) to do such things :-( I'm afraid my workshop is the dining table, my tools mainly hand tools, a simple disc sander and a cheap drill press. In the morning everything must be cleared away and clean to make room for breakfast.

My last smoke was 10 or so years ago (alcohol is a far better drug imo), but you have correctly answered the first question, Eagletac did the labelling wrong.

1) Mislabeled D25C

2) High CRI XM-L2

3) Opening the glued head was tricky and you hurt your fingers to threads?

The flashlight is an Eagletac D25C Ti clicky (even if D25A is written on it). There was a little gap between the head and the body, so you have used the strength of your fingers to screw it and make the gap disappear. You did it successfully … but two fingers were wounded during this hard work. I wish you it does not hurt anymore.

The correct answer to the second question! It has a xml2 6A1 80cri now. I have tried out several of the available tints in small edc lights, and this led is the nicest one for me. The third answer is wrong: I did not remove the pill, the light opened at the front without glue, and after removing the reflector I could easy get to the led board.

I guess that the Z2 goes to the first to answer the third question :-)

No, this was not how I hurt my fingers, and I'm afraid they still hurt :-(

1) Labeled as D25A instead of a C

2) High CRI XM-L2

3)Orange peel reflector ....

1) Mislabeled D25C

2) High CRI XM-L2

3)fingers burnt with a very hot led

I did not burn my fingers.

Going to bed now, so no hints and answers for now. Zzz

The first 2 answers are mislabeled “a” and hi cri emitter.

You cut your fingers on a sharp edge w/o realizing and now its infected.

Did I win? :wink:

you cut them opening the envelope?

1) Mislabeled D25C Ti

2) XM-L2 6A1 80CRI emitter swap

3) Not burned? :~ :~

3) Injured bending the pocketclip. Looks a bit different then stock

3) Injured moding the mcpcb

1. Mislabeled D25C Ti

2. XM-L2 6A1 80CRI emitter swap

3. I’d say you cut your fingers when you tried to unscrew the tail rather than the head!

I have that same light. Carry and use it multiple times every day. Great light!

Damage from a powertool?

Zombie attack?

Misused your EDC blade? perhaps trying to pry up the pocketclip with it?

1 definitely looks liek a high/cri XM-L2, looks to be almost a Warm white tint.

2. the label says D25A, but the light looks like a D25C with a Moonlight mode Lower than Low, ( or a D25C with a D25A head. :stuck_out_tongue:

3. and you cut both fingers in the slots where you hold things so it takes more time to heal.