Little question regarding headlamps and power source mod?

Sup folks!

Been reading these boards as well as others regarding headlamps, I really would like to buy one, Ive narrowed down few models and some others Im still researching.

So the question is, Ive found some decent AAA headlamps for cheap and their only drawbacks seem to be use of 3xAAA batteries in separate compartment, whichs is cool, but 3xAAA has as much power as 1xAA battery so Im thinking about buying something like this:

<-And replacing original battery caddy with DIY AA battery holder, would it work? I mean, it should not fry driver or overheat LED to dangerous levels? Given that voltage on my Eneloops is the same across the AA/AAA range, it should work, right?

The reason Id like to do this is simple - I want even longer run times on otherwise awesome budget lights, Im still looking for that perfect sub 20$ headlight and who knows, I might find some great deal on single AA battery headlight, that would be awesome, UF-H2 for example, I wouldnt mind to get that one, I see you folks had group buy for that one some long time ago :D

Anyway, my preference would be great headlamp with external battery case which I could then replace with 2xAA-4xAA DIY battery caddy.

Thoughts? Anyone tried this?!

Will the battery life increase if it doesnt have regulated output?

I should get some brightness increase as well, shouldnt I?

Im craving for Alpkit Gamma, but its out of stock until march, so Im researching other headlights at the moment, lots of tempting models in ~20$ range with only one glaring minus - they all use 3xAAA batteries and not AA! Hence my wish to modify them a bit ;)

shouldn't have any problems swapping 3xAAA to 3xAA.

I wish they made them that way - 3xAAA in a separate pack is silly.

If you want to use a different # of cells you might have to change the circuit, so look for one that can be disassembled.


I guess swapping 3xAAA to 2xAA wouldnt require any further mods either?
I have no plans on disassembling any of those lights.

2xAA might not work (low voltage cutoff or not a boost circuit), might have lower brightness and runtime, or could work just fine, depending on the driver they used.

If you buy one, stick 2xAAAs in it and connect the + and - of the last battery slot to each other w/ clips to test before you cut the pack off

Awesome, Im so much into this light stuff that time flies@work when its boring :D!

Need to change job :D!

My guess is that in the budget realm, a 2-AA replacement for 3-AAA won't work. It seems like most of them are direct drive. If you had access to an old petzl zoom, you could get the 3-AA adapter for not much $ and have a rear battery pack that's ready to mount and reasonably water resistant.