Lmr batteries

I have been reading battery stuff all night and just have a quick question or two.
Would there really be any benefit to running an Lmr/imr battery over a regular trustfire flame? From what I gather the trustfire 2400 is LiCo and in general batteries of that chemistry would have more capacity but be able to handle less current. Is that correct, all else being more or less equal? I charge batteries all the time so runtime isn’t really critical. Is there a real world advantage to running this more expensive battery in an XML p60 host flashlight?
Do any Lmr/imr batteries come with protection or don’t they really need it because of the safer chemistry? What would happen to an unprotected Lmr battery that was accidentally discharged too far? Would it hurt it like a LiCo?

It would be able to provide more current and is considered somewhat safer.


It should be able to supply more current to your p60, making it brighter, at the cost of runtime. But will the increase be noticable? That probably depends on how good or bad your current (pun intended) cells are.

It is inherently safer than LiCo. I've never seen a protected LiMn. LiMn seems to take a fair bit more abuse than LiCo cells. It is technically possible for them to react poorly if really abused, but the reaction should not be as violent as that of LiCo. Both chemistries can be damaged by over dischaging them. It weakens them over time, and increases the likelyhood of something going wrong.

In short, LiMn is considered more stable and inherently safer than LiCo. But you should still take care not to abuse them, if only to extend their useful life.

Thanks a lot!

You're welcome.

Bad things can happen with IMR cells as well: http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/showthread.php?262234-TK-Monster-Explosion