lock down sessions ,shoutcast radio ForshRadio

join me for some drum and bass sounds

lockdown proceedings

Cool idea but just tried and link times out.

turned it off after an hour, 1 listener for a while :frowning:

ill have another go next week

LOL, I just tried - u gave up too quick!
Maybe pre arrange it for a set time next time so we know. :+1:

ill do that next time, ill give a few hours warning :laughing:

Pull your finger out forsh! what happened to the radio……… do me a favour……
SUPER SHARP SHOOTER!…. Aphrodite…. olies but goldies.

My first rave track at 17…… 30 years ago.

My first Rave…. by the time we finished it was 2ft in water!

I was here…. and virtually every other Universe…and 100’s of others…. if you spot a tubby guy in fluro yellow with a big E on the back ,white hat,gloves, glasses and a whistle covered in Vicks vapour rub - that’s me!

I will die in the knowledge I was at the forefront of modern music and dance. I did a good 10 years of that………I may be suffering slightly for it, but hey I LOVED it.
The hairs on my arms still stand on end now watching it…….

early 90s to early 2000s i wasevery weekend at some club or rave
from stoke on trents club kinetic to diehard in leicester

it was a different time those days
no camera ,no phones, no selfies
just happy
meeting djs and having a drink :wink: with them
i was and still am friends with some of uks biggest djs in the 90s-2000

i miss them days!

So ur from the UK then? I didn’t realise that!
Come on, drop some names ……… lol
My faves in the day were…
Carl Cox
Top Buzz
Ellis Dee
I still have quite a few flyers too!

Shane lavan (vibes ) good mate of mine
Livelee also a good mate

Sonique I watched once in Blackpool creamx10
She’s hardcore
Got in her limo at the end of the night with my mate who was a promoter for the night
I was chatting pure noncence to her and my mate was laughing
She pulled out something I didn’t expect , and racked up a slug and shared it with my mate , my mate looked over to me and asked me if I wanted some, I said no
Only because I had 4 Gary abblets, and was seeming all the smells and hearing all the colours
Only had 4 because I though (after 10 miniutes) that they wasn’t working !!! They worked
I don’t think I’ve ever come back properly from that night :laughing:

My other favourites are
Stu Allan

Many more
Mauro picotto was also in Blackpool once on the same night as sonique
And tiesto was there some night , before he went all commercially

Blackpool has seen a lot of great names!!