[locked] Offer no longer valid

Probably with free shipping yes, otherwise no.

By the way this is BLF. The bastion of budget flashoholics. You have to do better than that. Read the site on how established sellers do it.

Christ !!!

You try to do something good for the masses .. and along comes one person who wants to nit pick !!

There are only 200 units for sale at this price ... this was only mentioned HERE .. and this price will go away as of Saturday !!

So if you want one .. buy one now before anyone else does, this way you'll get them at this price .. If you're still not happy go off to aother seller pay more and they'll ship it for as well.

What the old saying ?? "you can't please everyone all the time "... how true

Hey if shipment is from Australia at least our Oz friends will benefit from this promo.

I don't think the matter of shipping costs is nit picking and if you have bothered to read around this forum you should know that. I don't think the fact that you tried to part mask that in your OP is nit picking. I don't think that the fact you twice claimed that this offer was exclusive to BLF when it is not is nit picking; especially after you persisted in saying it was after been informed that it clearly was not.

I'll let other reach and possibly voice here their thoughts. But your attitude (quoted in this post) is as far from good customer service or effective marketing as it ever gets.

Thank you for yet another C8. I have some questions/concerns:

1. Can you offer the item w/o the batteries and charger JUST for BLF? If so how much?

These have a very bad reputation here:

2. Do you have a picture of just the LED "pill" by itself?

3. Your "out the door" pricing is a bit misleading. Do you have a walk-in store? :) That saying is meant to imply no additional charges, like no additional taxes, shipping, fees, duties, etc. Just add the general S&H charges ($8.95?) and say it's $31.95 please. ;).

4. There are LOTS of C8 XM-L variants available for around $25.00 out the door shipped. You will have to do better that this price or else why would we take a chance with you? You provide no real incentive for trying you out. :) Give us a reason and I'm sure we will.

5. And I agree. This is not exclusive to BLF members. The sale is available to anyone, limited number or not. Again, please change the first post.

6. And lastly, what's printed on the other side to where it says "CREE"? From the pics, it looks like UltraFire. What makes this a Quasar8?

Thank you.

@ fishmaniac

You wrote - "4. There are LOTS of C8 XM-L variants available for around $25.00 out the door."

I think more correctly - "There are LOTS of C8 XM-L variants available for around $25.00 to one's door." Wouldn't you agree? Its just that I don't want YouWantLed to be in any confusion whatsoever about what a good price actually is.

There are plenty on this page alone, all with free shipping. Or this one with free shipping.

Take this as constructive criticism..

Most BLF members don't need more cheap batteries and a cheap charger. Concerning flashlight deals/group buys, most members are looking for just the light. Also, this isn't exactly the better of the C8 variants. The better ones are already owned by a good number of members here anyway. I appreciate the offer, but I don't think it's gonna get much traction here.

OK ..OK ..

as mentioned above there was NO misleading intended AT ALL .. Nothing was said that would purposely offend anyone.

We thought we would offer this deal at a good price... which is what we've done.

We are aware of the variants, these are made from a Cree chip which is encapulated at other factories. These here lamps are purchased from CREE as a complete LED....

OK having said that,

what's going to happen is that we're putting the price back to normal

when you register on the site, you will be assigned as being from BLF .. and the discounted price will only apply to you when you purchase.

And you will receive the light shipped for $23

Are you saying that you bought the completed lights direct from Cree - or - are you saying that you bought the emitters from Cree and that your own staff made 200 pills from them, with drivers you selected, which you then put into bodies that you bought elsewhere? I find it hard to accept either.

Put down the shovel, man, Step away from the shovel.

My bad on that one. I didn’t see the plus freight.

I doubt there is shipment from Aus. See here I'm not even sure that YouWantLed is even in Australia even though his User status says he is.

In all fairness, at least shipment is now free.

We are withdrawing the offer made earlier..

sorry to have inconvenienced everyone.

Especially the whinging poms

What the hell is a “Whinging pom”? Anyways, you didn’t inconvenience anyone. You made an offer in the correct area and maybe some bought and some didn’t. That’s the way it goes. No need for the short fuse. That is if I’m reading the situation correctly.

I think the "Whinging Pom" is supposed to be me. Pom being the Aussie term for Brits. It seems YouWantLed is not up to having his deceptions and part deceptions questioned.

Hi Langcjl

Thats what I thought too ... wanna buy you buy .. if not, werl plenty of other places .. no need to carry on right ..

really truly made the offer with the best of intentions, with no deception intended in anyway...

btw ... defenition of whinging Pom (google) .. its what most English people are called in Australia

A person of British origin who will consistently complain about any situation.

probably get banned off the forum for this now ..

Hi everyone, please do try to be polite. If you're not interested, just don't buy. Thanks!

And thanks to YouWantLED for the initial offer.

Man, I wish I knew more British dudes. I’d try that winging pom stuff out on them. Stick around youwantled. It’s a good market here and if you are on the board you will see what people here want. You certainly won’t get banned for that.

youwantLED , meet Budget Light Forum .

I do hope you are not suggesting that I was in some way not polite.

My queries were robust but I think all were fully justified given YouWantLed's claims and posts.

I do not believe it wholly honest to put that freight is not included in tiny type.
I do not believe it wholly honest to say that an offer is exclusive to BLF when it is not.
I accept those could remotely have been honest errors by YouWantLed.

However, his claim that these lights were in someway superior to others by claiming that they were bought as whole flashlights from Cree or that the emitters were bought direct from Cree and presumably put into 200 pills by his own company beggars belief and I just cannot see that that statement was either true or an honest mistake.

Please note also that I did not resort to using personal insults. Although I was sorely tempted to respond to his insult - 'Whinging Pom' - I did not. In my experience if a supplier resorts to personal insults when he is called about his statements or claims then I know the kind of level of customer service his company are likely to provide. I think most around here know that too.

If BLF users who have read this whole thread think I was not polite please tell me in which post that was and I will readily apologize.

I completely agree with you VFMaddict. I also think the sellers reaction isn't very smart from a business point of view...

Sellers with honest, clear and good offers here have everything to gain: for exemple: sws with their famous xtar 2600's, it's a really good offer and see how much of these batteries they have already sold....