[locked] Offer no longer valid

Are you saying that you bought the completed lights direct from Cree - or - are you saying that you bought the emitters from Cree and that your own staff made 200 pills from them, with drivers you selected, which you then put into bodies that you bought elsewhere? I find it hard to accept either.

Put down the shovel, man, Step away from the shovel.

My bad on that one. I didn’t see the plus freight.

I doubt there is shipment from Aus. See here I'm not even sure that YouWantLed is even in Australia even though his User status says he is.

In all fairness, at least shipment is now free.

We are withdrawing the offer made earlier..

sorry to have inconvenienced everyone.

Especially the whinging poms

What the hell is a “Whinging pom”? Anyways, you didn’t inconvenience anyone. You made an offer in the correct area and maybe some bought and some didn’t. That’s the way it goes. No need for the short fuse. That is if I’m reading the situation correctly.

I think the "Whinging Pom" is supposed to be me. Pom being the Aussie term for Brits. It seems YouWantLed is not up to having his deceptions and part deceptions questioned.

Hi Langcjl

Thats what I thought too ... wanna buy you buy .. if not, werl plenty of other places .. no need to carry on right ..

really truly made the offer with the best of intentions, with no deception intended in anyway...

btw ... defenition of whinging Pom (google) .. its what most English people are called in Australia

A person of British origin who will consistently complain about any situation.

probably get banned off the forum for this now ..

Hi everyone, please do try to be polite. If you're not interested, just don't buy. Thanks!

And thanks to YouWantLED for the initial offer.

Man, I wish I knew more British dudes. I’d try that winging pom stuff out on them. Stick around youwantled. It’s a good market here and if you are on the board you will see what people here want. You certainly won’t get banned for that.

youwantLED , meet Budget Light Forum .

I do hope you are not suggesting that I was in some way not polite.

My queries were robust but I think all were fully justified given YouWantLed's claims and posts.

I do not believe it wholly honest to put that freight is not included in tiny type.
I do not believe it wholly honest to say that an offer is exclusive to BLF when it is not.
I accept those could remotely have been honest errors by YouWantLed.

However, his claim that these lights were in someway superior to others by claiming that they were bought as whole flashlights from Cree or that the emitters were bought direct from Cree and presumably put into 200 pills by his own company beggars belief and I just cannot see that that statement was either true or an honest mistake.

Please note also that I did not resort to using personal insults. Although I was sorely tempted to respond to his insult - 'Whinging Pom' - I did not. In my experience if a supplier resorts to personal insults when he is called about his statements or claims then I know the kind of level of customer service his company are likely to provide. I think most around here know that too.

If BLF users who have read this whole thread think I was not polite please tell me in which post that was and I will readily apologize.

I completely agree with you VFMaddict. I also think the sellers reaction isn't very smart from a business point of view...

Sellers with honest, clear and good offers here have everything to gain: for exemple: sws with their famous xtar 2600's, it's a really good offer and see how much of these batteries they have already sold....

I agree also..with VFM..good points and no personal insults..the reply "winging pom" was pretty insulting and not the behaviour I want from a company that I buy from..

Damn...he finally agrees to offer the package for $23 with free shipping and he still gets a finger in the face for something minor. I took his post to mean the emitters used are mounted on the emitter base by Cree and bought directly from Cree by his flashlight manufacturer instead of the emitters bought on a roll and mounted to the emitter base by a 3rd party.

Yes, the "out the door" for $23 was very misleading as "out the door" means if I gave him $23 it would cover all taxes, fees and shipping that would be applicable for it to be out the door and on it's way to me. I can't say it was intentional deception but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and call it poor wording on his part.

At any rate these might have made great Christmas gifts but as usual all it takes is one member with a burr under his saddle to make a deal go south.

Hi VFM, no I wasn't trying to suggest anything. If anybody has been impolite, I'm sure they'll recognize it on an individual basis and try to avoid it in the future.

t First they are complaining, now they are "FLYING", soon they will be everywhere....d*mn poms!

Even to VFM...

The Whinging Pom thing wasn't exactly personal .. its a general description they use for people from England (Pom) in Australia.. For some reason they do carry on a little too much at times ( sorry VFM, I'm just explaining the term and why it was used. I'm not having another shot at you) and thus the phrase Whinging

Maybe "out the door" was not the right phrase to use, Sorry .. perhaps misleading

The price of $23 is $0.85 more than our cost. There are cheaper factories I could buy from over here and make over $6 each. But I have a good manufacturer who doesn't cut corners, and the product is "Quality". The Cree LED is purchased directly from the CREE factory as JohnnyMac rightly understood. These flashlights are not the stuff you pickup on ebay. The exact same looking light would only cost me $15-$17

So now ... how far do you think $0.85 will get a package directly out of China to the US, UK, Australia??

I don't inflate the cost of the freight .. you pay what we pay based on weight ..

In the end I thought, I'll do the right thing by BLF members and threw in shipping .. however yet again that wasn't good enough!! despite the fact that we were going to pay for shipping out of our pockets average of at least $10 x 200 pieces

This was meant to be an introductory offer by us to BLF members. The factory called me to notify me that all 200 peices could be laser etched "BLF Member" however by this time things were totally getting out of hand and I was losing it anyway.

You were going to pay $23 for a decent flashlight ... you will not get a US military issue Navy Seal flashlight for $23

I say again ... I could have pocket over $1000 by offering a very very similar looking light for $23 instead of these.

Anyway, I've had enough .. its past 3am and I'm just totally over it today

Just remember the offer was made in GOOD FAITH with NO intention of robbing you of your money for a shity light

Actually, I thought the change to included shipping was pretty generous. I'm just not interested in another C8 variant and cheap batteries. They're also pretty easy to come by. Maybe you have another model you'd be interested in offering a discount on this forum. I think you still have plenty of interested members. Just be careful of the tiny print tactics ;) haha

And please don't take offense, VFM. I still understand and sympathize with your concerns.

OMG'.....does this refer to "Brown Anodize" no extra charge? Now that is customer service!!!

Sorry, YouWantLED, but I don't buy a word of it. You dodge and dive and change things only when pulled up on them

I suggest that anyone who wants to assess your honesty take a look at post 10 of this thread.

Its obviously in your nature to deceive and mislead. Unless you are claiming now to be a new Victor Kiam and were so impressed that you eventually bought the company...........LOL

Hang your head in shame, sir.