[locked] Offer no longer valid

Sorry, YouWantLED, but I don't buy a word of it. You dodge and dive and change things only when pulled up on them

I suggest that anyone who wants to assess your honesty take a look at post 10 of this thread.

Its obviously in your nature to deceive and mislead. Unless you are claiming now to be a new Victor Kiam and were so impressed that you eventually bought the company...........LOL

Hang your head in shame, sir.

WOW! I'm starting to have flashbacks from a thread about some great batterys for sale to BLF members.

Thanks for the generous offer YouWantLED.

What is the matter with you??

.. Are you like the Sherlock Holmes of BLF or something ??

What are you trying to prove? It was the first post in this forum and not sure how to get people to the site !! And not that it has anything to do with you..

Just get over it !!

You bloody well F***KED it for everyone else .. and now your trying to repent

Hey you want a flashlight .. go and annoy someone else..

Really.. now everyone who didn't know what a WHINGING POM was, now fully understand why the name has stuck to guys !!

Get a life .. get over it !!

Look everyone lets cut to the chase.

This flashlight or similar can be had for $14 shipped. without batteries and charger.

The price you are offering is not a good deal.

The XinTD C8 is a better deal and is better quality at only $29.95 shipped

Thank you How2

Well put .. thats all it would have takenin the first place

Thank but no thanks ... I go elsewhere

But this guy !!! no no no, he just has to keep going with it doesn't he

We'll see what else he comes up with ... hopefuly nothing .

The price is okay if its the ultrafire c8 xml. So is the deal still on? I will take it if it includes batteries and charger and is shipped for $23.00. Will make a great gift.

There you go again.............lol

No apology by you for trying to deceive members that you were just a customer in that other thread. You said that you did it because you were not sure how to get folks to your site. What was so wrong with just saying there that your company had what the member wanted? No instead you chose to lie. That says a lot about you.

I mentioned that thread only to demonstrate fully that you do indeed resort to deceit. I thought that evidence was far more useful to members than just resorting to personal insults in the way that you do.

How did you reply to that evidence? Well, again you resorted to personal insults. You really don't like it when your untruths are uncovered do you? Have you ever considered Anger Management Therapy?

Let me give you a tip - If you want to succeed in business then always deal over a glass topped table. Because once you lose credibility its typically gone for ever.

Yours sincerely,

The, unfortunately for you, Accurate Whinging Pom...........lol

I registered on your site as "EDC".

Btw I just got one of ebay and the postage was 19.10 HKD?

I've been watching this thread for some reason and decided to chime in. I think VFM made some valid points.

Somehow i don't trust this seller base on his selling tactics. There are a lot of things he said that doesn't add up to me.

He said: The price of $23 is $0.85 more than our cost. There are cheaper factories I could buy from over here and make over $6 each. But I have a good manufacturer who doesn't cut corners, and the product is "Quality". The Cree LED is purchased directly from the CREE factory as JohnnyMac rightly understood. These flashlights are not the stuff you pickup on ebay. The exact same looking light would only cost me $15-$17

In the end I thought, I'll do the right thing by BLF members and threw in shipping .. however yet again that wasn't good enough!! despite the fact that we were going to pay for shipping out of our pockets average of at least $10 x 200 pieces

So now ... how far do you think $0.85 will get a package directly out of China to the US, UK, Australia??

I don't inflate the cost of the freight .. you pay what we pay based on weight ..

In the end I thought, I'll do the right thing by BLF members and threw in shipping .. however yet again that wasn't good enough!! despite the fact that we were going to pay for shipping out of our pockets average of at least $10 x 200 pieces

So he is willing to lose $10 x 200 =$2000 and go through a lot of troubles, expenses, times just for our beloved BLF ???

Personally, as a seller...you're nothing short of an idiot.

You made a mistake, or two....it was pointed out to you very clearly and you took it the wrong way, then did nothing short of show yourself and company up.

Your British reference was totally unneeded.

You lazy, beach bum Aussie.

Back to the drawing board, personally I don't think commercial sellers have any place here when they act in this manner after a mistake.

PS. No I won't be buying from you in future, I at least get some form of respect when dealing directly with Chinese companies.

Edit: The Aussie bit wasn't serious, it was to show that the British thing has no relevance.

Postage should cost around USD3 + as the light I bought did not have batteries or a charger. I will try them out. Send me a coupon code Youwantled- please.

I think people are being harder on this guy than they are regarding DinoDirect. Either what he is offering is a good deal or not. Telling someone that they are lying isn't likely to work out well.

There are more polite ways to get a little more info out of a seller and it is to be expected that there is a little salesmanship going on.

I think the real problem is just that what he was offering wasn't anything special for most members.

I do think he isn't exactly responding in a professional manner as well. It raises some doubts which is all it takes when it's a company that we've never heard of.

All in all, however I think he is being treated a little harshly.

True and he is selling in the right forum not spamming all over the site and not asking members to create new reviews for the promise of a $10 giftcard which won't work.

Well, I think he is just acting little bit too dick :|

Threads like this make me want to sign up to another forum as it seems to not bring peace and happiness to my life.

Maybe I could start another one.

Now what to call my forum

The Budget Candlepower Forum?

The we play nicely with torches forum?

You like torches, I like torches, maybe we could be friends forum?

I shall research some hosting facilities...... Tongue out


The new G-7 Steroid/HGH Enhanced Pigeons can handle up to 3.4 pounds.

Nothing like a good old spam post to settle the mood.

Youwantled, it's better if you don't "fight" back with insults. You made some mistakes and it was pointed out to you. Apologize to the board ( it isn't to just one member you made the mistakes against) and be done with it. Read up on sellers section and get a feel of BLF culture and try this again later.

You mentioned you have high quality products that justify the hight cost. The problem is we don't know that for sure. A great discounted group buy will help in that department. Or you can send samples for review.

Personally, the way YouWantLed has treated a member of this forum has turned me off ever purchasing from them.

If you don't have the balls to respond to costructive critisism without being rude, you should not be in business, let alone be promoting your business on a forum.

Lying to, as well as insulting your customer base is no way to conduct business.
I was looking to purchase a handful of torches for holiday gifts, and will DEFINITELY shop elsewhere.

What a douche. Totally uncalled for. #1 rule for businesses...Customer is always right.