Locksport :)

I just learned of a new “sport” :slight_smile: It’s called locksport! I’m just curious if any of your have ever played around with lock picking?

It’s a bit more interesting and challenging that I imagined. I ordered a cheap set of lock picking tools and have practiced on a few padlocks that I already had around the house.

I’ve been able to open both of them. One was no harder than using a key and the other one which has some anti-picking features on it was a little harder. I’m still not to the point where I can pick my house door locks but I’ve only been doing this for 2 days.

Anyone else have this as a hobby?

I've played around worth them in the past, but I never really got good. I would just like to warn you that carrying around lockpicks is something you can be arrested for, IIRC it may be a felony.


I bought a cheap set from DX. I was able to open my house door the first day. I watched some YouTube vids and that helped.

I kind of lost interest in it but it is a good skill to have in a pinch. There are a ton of locks I don’t think I can ever master but the basic locks you see on house doors and padlocks are not too difficult.

I can open most padlocks almost as fast as if I had the key. I’ve been able to open the front and back door locks on my house a couple of times but it’s still very hit or miss.

I guess I’ll have to play with it more.

By the way, it’s not illegal to have lock picks in many states (including mine). Most thieves don’t pick locks as it’s easier to just break a window.

I have one door lock for my basement that I’ve never been able to pick.

I tried a set of bump keys as well. They worked OK only on one door. It was worth a try but picking is more satisfying.

I just thought I’d follow up on this thread. I recently got a cheap pair of hand cuffs and it’s pretty easy to open these with a paper clip (with a little practice) as long the the lock open faces toward the hands.

That is if it’s just single locked. If you double lock them (meaning the can’t tighten on your wrists) it’s a lot harder with a paper clip. If you have a hair pin that can be done as well.

There is no purpose to this skill (or post) other than interest. I’m just posting in case anyone else has tried such a thing.