Long and short pocket clips for Jetbeam RRT-01

example of long and short clip

example of Long clip on new model

example of short clip on old model


some discussion, in response to a post in another thread

I have two lights with short clips. They have different tension, one is easy to clip and remove from my pants pocket, the other is harder to clip, and remove.

The tension on clips is not always identical even when they are the same length.

What I love about the short clip is that it does not force me to hold the light in a specific orientation, whereas I find the longer clip problematic, as it forces me to keep it in a position that does not interfere with my operation of the dial

Any aftermarket short clips or way to get them from Jetbeam?

I had no problems ordering clips from Jetbeam. I ordered both long and short clips as well as some clips for a discontinued light. They even emailed me pictures of the clips to make sure they had the proper ones. I got 9 clips total for almost $15, shipping included. I got a tracking number from Jetbeam just a few hours after my PayPal payment was sent. Maybe something is getting lost in translation or something.

Anyway, try again with Jetbeam. You might get a better outcome.

Banggood used to sell aftermarket short clips for the RRT-01. Unfortunately, they are no longer in stock.

Interestingly, the Banggood short clip seems to be a bit more rigid (and thus better) than the Jetbeam short clip even though they look pretty much identical.

I like neither, I installed the Oveready Spring Steel clip on mine and I’m very pleased.

The new RRT01? Any chance you can show a picture and link the specific one that fits?

Not Ozy, but I have the same one on mine:

Out of stock, but it’s this one: https://www.oveready.com/flashlight/1-0-light-spring-stainless-steel-clip-altin/

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Thanks, still a bit long like the stock one but i’m sure it’s a nice clip. Overready is too good for dimensions of their products I guess, lol

not sure but the Convoy clip might work as well as your long?

Was this done recently? Did you inquire via email? If yes, what email did you use? I can’t find any reference to the new light or the old short and long clips they used to sell on either jetbeam site. It shows discontinued on all third party sites like Banggood.

The convoy clip is a mm or two larger even.

However, you gave me a quick and dirty idea. A few pliers and a file later we have a short convoy? I guess I could heat treat it to a dull finish to better compliment the matte look of the original and ring.

Left to right: Stock long jetbeam, clipped and bent convoy, stock convoy

and Bob’s your Uncle :wink:

more clip pics

Ok I should just delete mine cuz CRX is way better

Went with contactcr’s convoy clip mod - not pretty but I have a clip now - had to remove the original because always being in the way made me crazy

whoa whoa whoa, hold up. CRX had this idea first it seems but this one is still “mine” cause it isn’t pretty…

I’ll take it. Suck it CRX

Not sure if this adds anything to the discussion, but here are mine RRT01, with the stock and a longer clip!
Although the longer clip feels sturdy and gets well on the jeans, it poses some more friction when rotating the head to take it out. It doesn’t scratch, but it is stiffier.

Extras :smiley:

How rude. :smiley:

It looks better with the long clip, but it operates and feels much better with the short one.

that worked for me, thank you!
I bought Ten, paid $1 each, for 4.5mm siz clips, including a pair of screws and a wrench, plus $7 shipping by contacting

the payment was to the PAYPAL account huwaiyundongedc@163.com

for others interested in short clips:
I recommend you include this picture:

I am interested in one of your short clips, if you want to defray the cost of getting several.