Long Distance Spotlight 26650

Hello All!

Its good to be back! I have been gone for 3 years so I had to make another account. I found this cite to be the best on receiving info on the best and brightest lights on the market!

I am looking for a SERIOUS Spotlight. One that will only be used for minutes at a time. My current one plugs into my truck and only reaches 100 meters…sad I know. I’m looking for either a 26650 or 18650 single beam (no zoom stuff) light to reach out 300 yards clearly. If it needs to be wired to the truck that’s fine but I would prefer battery powered. I’m willing to spend the money but not really looking to build something since its for work.

side not…what batteries brands is everyone using now…I’m out of the game :frowning:

Utorch UT02
Thrunite Catapult V6
Lumintop ODL20C

this are my choice of small thrower that can have for less than $100 and all 3 takes 26650 cell and only the V6 that comes with a cell. the other 2 you have to buy cell separate. my choice out of the 3 is the Lumintop brighter and throws further in my opinion.

Wow that Lumintop ODL20C must be some thrower I have the Catapult V6 and out of my smaller lights it is easily my best thrower

How far are we talking? clear picture at 300 yards?

Feel free to list the big lights too! I want to be blown away :slight_smile:

Amutorch JM07.

One 26650 and stock 240+ Kcd.


And what is your best big thrower sir?

I have the BLF GT and the Astrolux mf-04 which are pretty even in actual throw - but both are pretty insane throwers though

also a big shout for the Astrolux MF-02 which also has a huge throw and with a coupon can be had at a good price

for size and price though the new thrunite V6 is a great light easily out throwing my UT-02 which i also thought was impressive till i saw the V6

You won’t be disappointed with the MF02 if you chose to go big. You can have it for less than $100 with the group buy plus the price of 4 cells.

what about the Thunite TN40s? also a good flood?

I have the UT02, MF02 (2 of them), an MF04 and 2 Catapult V6’s. The neutral white V6 is what I grab when I need a thrower. Thrunite has a discount for 20% off right now and you can have it delivered for $59. Get it, you will not be disappointed. If you don’t mind a little size the MF02 & 04 are great. The Thrunite comes with a battery and all you have to do is charge it. Run times are good also. Of course it gets hot fast. Running on turbo for long periods of time is not recomended. Amazon ships the Catapult for Thrunite. You will have it within a couple of days depending on where you live. Some of the C8’s out there can do what you need also for a budget price. Look at the Sofirn and the Astrolux versions. Those are 18650 lights though.

Astrolux mf04 xhp35 hi
Astrolux mf04s xhp70.2 coming soon
Blf gt xhp35 hi
Blf gt xhp70.2 coming soon

For that distance I’d use a Haikelite MT07 Buffalo. Big meaty head that takes some time to heat up and a beam that covers a big area.

Its an older light now so it may not have the latest bin emitter but that’s easy to fix if need be. There are discount codes around and should be cheaper than most of the options mentioned above.

It takes four 18650 cells. Samsung 30Q’s preform well and are cheap, durable and readily available.

@mluna1087, two most important thing you forget to mention, what is your budget and what purpose of use ?

I suppose based on what you said it is for hunting ?

Do you take into consideration lights with 2x 18650 or 2x 26650 ? If it is for hunting then 2x 26650 will not work since it is very difficult to carry…

Hey thanks for pointing that out!

I am actually looking for 2 different lights. One is technically not for hunting but for all intensive purposes let’s say it is. It need to throw a very crisp beam at 300 yards and needs to be mountable. It will be replacing a Wicked Predator zoomy that i just think is garbage. 2 18650 is ideal (that’s what the Wicked light is) but i just want to make sure it is strong enough. Budget $100-$200

The second i need more of a floody spotlight that will show a very large area at the same distance. Not as much concentrated beam. I prefer bright white. This light can be very large. I have a lot of cells so that won’t factor into the price. Looking to stay around $300

For under 200$ you can buy both great lights.

First of all 95% lights that are here mentioned can’t be mountable they are too big or too much heavy.

This lights what somebody mentioned are ok :

Utorch UT02
Thrunite Catapult V6
Lumintop ODL20C
Amutorch JM07

But they are completely funny in comparison with Maxtoch Sniper M24 and Maxtoch Shooter 2X…

Amutorch JM07 destroys Utorch UT02 in throw and Sniper M24 killing Amutorch JM07 ( I have all this 3 lights ). Also there is no chance that Thrunite Catapult V6 or Lumintop ODL20C will out throw some of this two Maxtoch lights.

I’m not a representative of Maxtoch just have and compare their lights to other ones and I can tell you that difference is huge.

For throw you can choose with this two :


For flood this two :


They have official Ali store if you want to see the prices :


How does it compare to the thorfire s70? I’ve never heard of maxtoch

Don’t know I didn’t test it together.

TF is listed 3000 lumens XHP70 and MT is 3800 lumens and XHP70.2.

For the flood light you have many options, but for the throw the best compact trower for mounting and budget is MT Shooter and Sniper.

On paper, ODL20C is a better thrower than Catapult V6. Not sure about real life as I don’t own either one.

For the small light, V6 catapult is probably the best. If you buy the V6vn from Skylumen, it gets a bit of a boost.

For the large floody spotlight, the current king is the Acebeam X65vn. It throws about 1,500+ meters and has good flood. You can find some videos here. There are current coupon codes that can bring the stock version down to about $400.
Otherwise you can join the BLF GT XHP70.2 groupbuy here.
Here’s a video of it in action.