Long Thrower King Comparison - Astrolux FT03S - 4500 Lumens - 1428m Vs Noctigon K1 - Speras T1

Long Thrower King Comparison - Astrolux FT03S - 4500 Lumens - 1428m Vs Noctigon K1 - 1400 lumens - 550Kcd - Speras T1 Mod - Osram 1mm2 4040

Finally! Someone did it! There doesn’t seem to be much difference in intensity between the K1 W2 and FT03S. How does it look in real life? Do you notice a difference in throw?

I was eagerly waiting for the modded L21a vs the K1….

Maybe you can add more comparisons?

Interesting video

Nice comparison! I’m surprised you swapped the W2 in the Speras T1 with the W1. I really like the Speras T1 stock with W2.

The larger hostpot in the FT03S with the SBT90.2 makes the beam much more useful than the others.

I think I like FT03S the most. There is enough light and far enough. Price between FT03S in my personal opinion, the difference of $ 14 between FT03S and K1 is not too much.

L21a ( 1100 lumens - 540Kcd ) vs the K1 W2 ( 1400 lumens - 550Kcd ).
I think it depends on your budget. Of course I would recommend K1 because it is not easy to mod perfect L21A.

I agree with you. FT03S actually used will be more useful because the brightness is much higher. Distances on the far side are not significantly different. You can use 26650 battery for better usage time. As for the reflectors, FT03S in my opinion it is also a bit more than K1. The sense AR coating on FT03S is also more than on K1. And most importantly, the FT03S is $ 14 more expensive than the K1

I will choose FT03S. The brightness is much higher and the larger beam it is more useful. There is no difference in distance of distance between FT03S and K1

Nice video. If u have a stock ft03 sst40 model, swap the reflector for a bit more throw.
In your video, was there another person playing with his flashlight to the left of the video? Looks like they were shining back at you??

Thanks for your numbers!
I own 3 L21A’s , 2 of them modified with W1 and W2.
My W1 does about 550 kCd at 5A, did not measure the W2 yet (runs 7,2 A max)

Will try to give numbers for that soon

Edit, measured the W2 at 375 kCd, it appears to be brighter, probably needs better focusing

What is the beam intensity of the W1 modded Speras? Stock is around 400Kcd with the W2, I’m guessing it’s right there with the L21a around 530kcd?

I had a clip of FT03 using SST40 De-domed led

I think it is not too much difference either.

I have been looking at this comparison as well but am much more interested now to see how the 90.2 does in a K1 VS in an MT35 -MT90 -FT03. I have concerns about reflector quality issues in the MT90 and the notoriously quick step down.

Any thoughts?

:question: It is pretty clear to see the dominance of the Astrolux FT03S! I was highly impressed with the throw and the size of it at the other end and I have the plain ft03 and a de-domed convoy L6 and some zomies and for the size and out of the box with no mods it is incredible !

What? i’m about to buy the MT90 mini with sbt90.2 red is the issues fixed ? :o