Long Week and a COLD Beer

That’s what I’m talking about.
What you Chillin’ with?

Still got some Hoegaarden weißbier left, and an unopened 12 of Warsteiner Dunkel.

Just had a bucket o’ limeade, though. Big bucket, ice-cold water, squeeze a whole lime into it, add sugar to taste.

Sam Adams Oktoberfest.

Needed to call in Mr. Jack Daniels
He delivered. :slight_smile:


Free Beer Wallpaper < free beer wallpapers.

Ooh, it’s out already? And Pumpkin Ale?

Time to stock up on some Sam Jackson Beer!

Fresh water and fruits.

You self-destroy yourselves when you put ethanol in your bodies, it's a subtle venom. The same can be said for any sort of drug or addiction. You may not understand this, something which unfortunately is pretty normal. This is caused by your own, generally inherited disempowering negative beliefs. Mind reprogramming and/or other subtle body healing techniques is the way to go. Until then the “voices of the devil” in your mind will push yourselves to your slow doom. Good luck, you'll need it.

I believe in (dark) chocolate.
It empowered me to crush the viper of lust against my chest.
Though the missus thinks it died from pure exhaustion.

I’m a simple guy, a mug of good strong coffee this morning suffices for me. :wink:

moderation in all things

I have quite a few in the fridge right now, Sam Adams Octoberfest, Hi-Wire Bed of Nails, RJ Rockers Brown Eyed Squirrel, Yuengling, New Belgium Trippel, Westbrook Gose, among others.

I only started getting into fancy beer in the last few years, still trying a bunch of stuff. I do know I’m in the anti-IPA camp though. If I open it, I’ll finish it, but I don’t like the super hoppy stuff as much.

Mmm, it's been some time since I do not buy chocolate. Yet I still do it. I always have a fat reduced cocoa powder tin/can lying around. A teaspoon or two of it in a quarter to half glass of milk, then I heat it up a good deal in the microwave. Some nice stirring and maybe more heat and stirring. When properly dissolved I transfer the thing into a big glass pre-loaded with fresh, sweetened milk, and fill it to the brim. Super tasty!