Longer throw without changing the driver !! :) Prototype is done and now it's time for testing.. ( more beam shots)

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

here’s your requested trustfire 502b beamshot without the mod.

But it looks like you focused it on the house, not on the tower :wink:
Maybe 1 more pic?

it was focused on the tower…i think what you see is the spill from the light… remember that this light is a flooder:)
like i predicted before… this light will not be able to reach those tower in the back.

A pressure regulator is a max pressure limit at the home’s entry point. When the home pressure drops below the max, the higher community pressure will raise the pressure back to the max - much more quickly when community pressure is relatively very high. It is a maximum pressure, not constant pressure system. Pressure will fall and rise inside the system based on outflows. It’s also a max flow system, and when the pressure is being held closely to max, it approaches constant flow (for a given flow rate).

Closing a faucet gate doesn’t accelerate the water; the analogy is imperfect. When the hose exit volume is larger than the faucet flow, the outlet pressure would be lower than the inlet. In such a case, the restriction is not reducing flow until the restriction goes below the faucet flow rate. Up to that point, the pressure increase is related to constant flow. Beyond that point the restriction reduces flow, as does a gate in the faucet.

VERY cool, just what I was looking for. I’m trying to make a long throw searchlight bright enough to take a telephoto/video shot up to 900 yards (half a mile). So I bought 8 1800 lumen T6 flashlights (cheap) to make something cost effective and ‘off the shelf’. Needless to say I was disappointed in the less than 1/4 mile performance.

These Surefire lights are certainly bright but I don’t buy the 1800 lumen rating. Anyway these focusing lights use a thick fisheye lense which will occlude some light. A (thin) fresnel lense as suggested sounds like a much bettter idea. If it can thow better than a fisheye then I’m back in business. :slight_smile:

@DayLighter: Thanks, but could you post your pics with size set to 100% please?

Your lens must be totally different from mine.. my P60 hotspot didnt get any brighter nor did it throw further, but the hotspot became really ugly. Like yours, with the emitter projectede in the middle.

@GottaZoom: Finger on hose -> less water. Its not that hard.

um… 100%? how you do that? i just posted through photobucket…
which light do you have?

sorry to dissapoint you my friend, the only way you can achive that far would be with HID thrower… something with at least 6” reflector
however… there’s away to create one… without using hid light, i believe it’s involved with using aspherical lens in front of LED and then a big 10” telescope lens in the front… it’ll probably will be able to shoot a mile away
i’m trying to recreate that experiment in smaller scale… i’ll be happy if i can shoot 500’ using a small and cheap flashlight such as trustfire wf 502b

BTW… welcome to BLF :slight_smile:

When you insert a picture, in simple post editor its "relative width" or in advanced you have to click "appearance", enter 100% in the first field and empty the second. This way the pictures will adapt to the viewer resolution.

I have an L2P with a P60 dropin driven at 3.5A.

There were seemingly a few different arguments going on but it seems to me you can take a floody output and focus it to an almost parallel beam. Great, this has cost you some overall output as not all of the flood ended up 300’ away, some was absorbed by the lens. Nothing is free. In the alleyway shots it was apparent to me that the floody beam reflected more foreground light back to the camera causing it to shorten the exposure leaving the background dim. The focused beam reflected much less light so had a longer exposure making the spot appear brighter than a camera with a manually set exposure time. You can see this in the areas outside the spot appear brighter, indicating a longer exposure. You are not wrong in all respects, nor are you right. Conceding a point now and then might stem the tide of blood and earn you some respect as well. There is a lot more going on here with the different lenses than can be explained on a bar napkin. If you want to learn, listen and ask questions all day long. If you don’t want to learn, then don’t argue, just post it as a “look what I found, can anybody explain it?”and move on. Please don’t take this personally but though your language is clean, your style is a bit defensive and argumentative. Too much of this thread has been off topic brewhaha for me. If someone is rude(happens all the time) don’t respond. It only escalates otherwise. I hope you read this in the spirit in which it is intended. Take care.

the alleyway shots… was taken after rainy day… if you look on the ground, it’s black because it is wet. and if you compare it with my second posts shots using HD2011… you can see the ground very clearly.
as you can see both light are flooder, so i don’t think the camera missed the light in background by that much…
if anything … the first shot that was taken during rainy day was perfect example,… as the only light that bounce was only from the walls,
the brightness of the flashlight is pretty much what you see is what you get.
and the hotspot clearly show how much concentrated the light was …

although i might prematurely call it as it’s brighter without realizing, this will soon create a controversial subject to a heated debate, in which i found out that some member actually PM’ed other member to continue argument outside the thread.
i found it very revulsing…and very disturbing indeed, and they definitely need to get a life outside this forum.
as i mentioned it in my few posts… what is consider BRIGHTER?
if it looks and shine brighter on the wall, and if it throw longer… what would you like to call it?
to flasholic fanatics in this forum… it has to mean increasing in lumens output X times of the amount of the original flashlight output.
and to regular novice hobbyist like me… what my eyes see… is what i think it is.
but does it really matter who’s right or who’s wrong in term of the word “BRIGHTER”?
the fanatic flasholics in this forum defended the word “BRIGHTER” like bunch of Talibans… that you are not allowed to have fun except for themselves.
it is a sad thing for the forum, if the moderator feels the need to come to a thread and help calm everbody down…
and those fanatics failed to see bigger picture of all these experiments… it is just an IDEA.
IDEA that could spawn more and better ideas for the future.

just think what would happen, if the flashlight companies never challenge the word “BRIGHTER”, we probably will still have MAG-lites and be happy with it :smiley:
So… peace Everybody and Happy New Year to all of Us and may more great IDEAS spawn this year :slight_smile:

That's kind of the point of PMs. There is often no need to subject the entire membership to some discussions.

Using the correct terminology is essential, if productive discussion is desired. This point seems to be lost on you.

Rufusbduck pretty much hit it on the head in his post, above.

Yes, GottaZoom, I realize all that. I was trying to keep things as simple as possible so those unfamiliar with the subject might gain some understanding. You have to walk before you can run. Around here half inch pipe is very common in household plumbing, along with 1/2” garden hose outside. Given the two are the same id, putting your thumb over the hose will decrease the flow rate. I wasn’t trying to get into a full blown discussion of fluid dynamics. I was just trying to correct a flawed and what I perceived as somewhat rude post. (Not your posts)

sorry Chicago X if Idon’t agree with you regarding using PM as to continue a debate outside the thread.
to me,PM are reserved for private messages regarding private infos… such as selling, buying, trading or some other stuffs that you don’t want anybody else to know… definitely is not a place for trading insults.
and if they do feel the need to continue to trade insult out of the thread… then they seriously have a problem.
heated debates should always be leave it at the thread, wether its good or bad… it’s for others to see and chime in if they want too… if not they could always stays in neutral corner.

Rufusbduck is probably right about me, for saying my style is a bit defensive and argumentative, but that could always be expected from anybody when they’re trying to defend their ideas.

it’s coming down to a simple solution really… if you tried to make your point cross and others just don’t get it… just leave it at that. :slight_smile:
don’t try to convert them… let them be… sooner or later they will learn themselves :wink:



You guys need to step back and really look at what you are doing. You are fighting over terminoloy.

Maybe the OP wasn’t 100% correct. Who really cares? Part of the reason this site was founded was to get away from the Nerd Nazis like they have on CPF.

The OP was just experimenting and having fun with a hobby he enjoys. I suspect some of the comments completely crushed his desire to share anything in the future.

Since I am not a flashlight super expert, I tend to learn more from people who also are less expert.

To be honest, the smartest people on here are way beyond my level and I don’t read or care about the minutiae of how a beam of light is measured.

Ever notice how terrorists use the open and free societies that they so despise to allow them the freedom to perform there acts of terrorism? It has occurred to me that CPF could have sent over some plants to sabotage our free and open forum with contentious remarks. There have been some calls for more moderation here. That would be a shame and a victory for the “terrorists” The great American statesman, Benjamin Franklin spoke on this long ago

“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759
US author, diplomat, inventor, physicist, politician, & printer (1706 - 1790)

As for more Moderation, my old Aunt Anna had a favorite saying just before she poured herself another drink”

“Be moderate in all things, including moderation.” :wink:

Less than what? Finger on the hose is less max flow potential. That can become less actual flow after a certain point, as I posted.

The physics can go either way as long as there is enough pressure and flow potential to maintain the flow rate of the full open condition. If the hose is already constricted on flow-rate relative to max flow on the inlet, then your cover-it-all answer is correct. It’s just that you’re only right under certain conditions, and under others the results are different.

The whole point of my posts in this thread are that there are too many that don’t examine the variables, and allow for the exceptions or conditions that others may be providing. Condescending posts like the one above are not helpful - in fact they are insulting in their implicit and unspoken assumptions.

lol.. reminded me of this song..