longest throw at <$15 ?

I know this has been asked before, but I haven’t seen a recent discussion:
I’m looking for an 18650 light which costs $15 or less, and the only other factor is I want the best throw distance possible.

Basically I know I’ll be losing/giving away these lights frequently, so I can’t spend much per unit.

Can’t go wrong with a C8. Here is one for $18. Keep your eye out for sales .

here’s another for $13

C8 8*7135 Biscotti CSLNM1.TG US $17.95, if you request the BLF discount or you use the coupon you can find at “Convoy Flashlight Fans” FB group you should get 15% discount, a bit over $15. It should get at least 500m to 600m ANSI throw (divide by 3 to get useable throw). You will also need batteries.

If you need something compact you have the Convoy S2+ CSLNM1.TG US $16.66 in black or gray body color (the same discount/coupon apply). You can also find a listing with batteries. It gets 363m ANSI throw.

ggf is right. You want the Osram NM1 emitter in this case. I always like to support Simon. He may install the 5A linear driver (which is actually about 4.3A) if you ask him and it should deliver about 30% more output than the 3.04A 8*7135. They sell for a few cents more individually, but I’d recommend it. He usually won’t charge for modifications.

As for the S2+, I’d recommend asking simon for either the old S2, S6, or S8 to be used with this emitter instead with their much deeper SMO reflector.


There’s also the Wainlight C8+ if you strongly prefer the newer styling and aggressive knurling.

If you are only looking for pocket-carry lights then ignore this post.

Check out the Defiant pistol grip spotlights at home depot if you want a big light bang for the buck. Regular priced about $20 but i’ve gotten them for half-off on clearance.

They use an 18650 lithium and will light up your back yard or throw a beam half a mile down the road. i have both the 2” and 3.5” reflector mirror diameter versions, and they work great when i want to see what is out there.

There is also a regular $10 ($5 on clearance) Husky version with 3” reflector that uses 3 C-size alkaleaks. Would probably be a good one to mod over to lithium. It throws far and bright too.

Thanks, these are good recs. Sounds like the C8 is still the way to go, the only issue is finding the best price.

For USD $18.08 you can get this C8+

Using code 41RN47QH785B from Facebook “Convoy Flashlight Fans”. Has the Osram emitter and 5A driver recommended by ggf31416 and JaredM . An orange one is making its way to me now! Thanks for the advice.

Get Simon to build my custom model I sell in my store.

Ramping driver
1,300 lumens
977m throw

Runs at 8.4A using a Samsung 30Q

Note: you will not get a warranty on the LED since there’s no thermal regulation, but it’s a hell of a light

Might ask Simon to assemble one of this configuration for me to try…
In your experience, has any of your CULPM1 LEDs failed prematurely due to the ~8Amp on Turbo mode?

Keep in mind that the L21A is running at 8A

The spec sheet says 10A pulse and we know how much more we overdrive our LEDs compared to those specs.

I haven’t had anything fail

I received my first Boost HX in the mail this week from Simon. I’m away from home now but I’m going to perform an output test when I get back. I’ll compare it to a cslpm1 from Hank (intl-outdoor). I’ve not seen a test posted here yet which honestly I find shocking.

Has anyone suggested a C8 yet? :sunglasses:

Is this like what you were talking about? How long before it gets too hot to hold at 100%?C8+

Hello the forum, I noticed the reference to “Convoy Flashlight Fans” on facebook. I searched groups and could not find it. Does it sill exist?

Anything with an Osram will be the best throw for the buck. That thing is amazing.

Thanks Jager Lion for the tip. I just used the discount code to buy a Purple C8+ on Ali Express for just around US$18 with free shipping. Excellent deal.

Dear Brass Cat,

After seeing your post above, I quickly searched on the Internet and found the Facebook page/group that you mentioned. Please try the link above.

Have a pleasant weekend.


Get a 21700 C8 with the buck (constant current) driver and SST20 high cri.
He will assemble for you.

XML2 is a garbage led

The XML2 led was our flagship emitter around here for several years back about 5-6 years ago. It is still a really good led, not garbage by any means, it's just been surpassed by newer technology and newer iterations of led's.

Yeah, when XM-L came out, it was revolutionary.

Like the difference in graphics between a Super Nintendo and the original PlayStation.

The XM-L2 is a little bit better than the XM-L.

The XP-L is even a little bit better.

The XP-L HI is more throwy, so it's that's the one that I prefer, but all of the emitters that I mentioned in this post are pretty similar.