Look, we're on xkcd (kind of)


this has been around for years around car people, now finally someone recognizes flashoholics

And the lord said “let there be light” ummm
And the lord said “let there be light” ermm
And the lord said “let there be internet
And there was internet
And the lord said “let there be BLF
And there was BLF
And the lord said “let me read BLF
And the lord did read
Then again the lord did say “let there be light
And there was light, real bright light BLF style 0:)

Cheers David

I can’t wait until we design a driver that has “recoil” when you go to turbo… You know you want it…

I wish my C8 made a “wooosh” with a bit of recoil when going on High :bigsmile:

That should be doable. After all, phones go “click” but you also can take a silent picture. And most of the “sporty” sound of the VW GTi comes out of the carspeakers!

Lol we’re xkcd famous :smiley:

Now I am giggling like a school girl at a laughing gas test facility…

The future is Soooooo bright here!

I love me a good pun!

Of course xkcd knows bout us - with a name like xkcd?

Tip - On the comic on xkcd, hover over the image

I’d buy a LightTreesonFire light.

i tried on chrome without effect
then switched to ie -> LOL !:smiley:

I wonder if he went to BLF or CPF and which lights he was looking at…

BLF house brand?


Sounds good to me!

My EDC light only lights stuff a few mm away on fire.

The people over at the XKCD forum think it’s about CPF.

xkcd hover msg:
“Due to a typo, I initially found a forum for serious Fleshlight enthusiasts, and it turns out their highest-end models are ALSO capable of setting trees on fire. They’re impossible to use without severe burns, but some of them swear it’s worth it.”

I thought Fleshlights were mainly for low-end applications.

If you’re on Facebook, let’s say hi to them

Had to be here, and with some of us probably closer to the truth than we’d normally admit :bigsmile:

Now all I neeed is a “TreeFire” light (10 million Chinese lumens, YMMV), some “BurstintoFire” cells, and an “OnFire” charger then I too can become a forest arsonist!