Look What $20 Plus Tax Bought Me Today

Not a bad find for $20 plus tax.

Rick tells me I done good.

Now I just need a 2” thick piece of foam to put in the top. Anybody got some they would send me for cheap? It has to be at least 17”x12”x2”.

That’s cheaper than Harbor Freight!!! Great Find!

Like the saying goes buddy, Save Big Money At Menard’s!

so, what came in the case?

Nice case!

Just what you see in the picture.

I have one just like it ..save the strappy thing for when the handle breaks .Mine has three deviders on the bottom that you can pull out and move to any position you want ..I carry my flashlights for sale it it and like it ...apart from a bad handle :( ... it's a cool looking case , i like it :)

good looking!

egg-crate foam, or cut-outs? if the latter what’s a good way to cut foam neatly?

Just go to the supermarket and if you ask nicely for some of the packing foam for fruit thenyou can use that to cut it I find emt shears work well.

I hac one of these cases as a work case for my tools. It fell apart. I think it is ok as long as you don’t try to carry a lot of weight.

Tell me what you think of my work. That should work fine. I closed it with all 3 lights and they stay put. That’s the way I wanted it.

I think it looks pretty good. And it goes well together with the foam in the bottom. That is 3/8” carpet padding. I used four 3/8” sheets and taped each layer together with 2 sided tape.

Look pretty good. :)

That’s a hell of a good job Brad on cutting the foam for the top, It blends in so good too. A+

Thanks men. I got enough to do another ole Rick ole buddy!

I may have to come up in another few weeks.

I have a case here with your name on it and you don’t have to do any work, just put your lights in it and your good to go brother!!!

Your a good pal.

Thank you Brad. It’s Awesome that you don’t live that far away and we have become really good friends that share an AWESOME hobby.

:bigsmile: Here’s yours the one I owe you……


That one looks awesome dude!

Thanks a lot buddy.