Look what came in the mail today

Clone L2 Host , variable ramping drop in , and 4xAA ... [ Review Shortly ] But I just wanted to show off

Foot in mouth

That is one looooong flashlight.

Cool looking "mini-skull-bonker" and great safe use for eneloops. Looking forward to your review Old.

Crazy that the chinese are now cloning chinese merchandise.

i like it

i am really liking my TANK TK566 with extension tubes it will take 1-4 AAs so this is of interest to me look forward to your review


That's a good-looking beast. :)

I don't like it ..can i have it ?

Someone beat you to it.


Stumbled across this today. I have a genuine L2r and love it, it is in silver also. That is a good looking light, no need for lithium ion with that one!

I would show off too is mine was that long. Got a link?