Looking at 18650 "zoomies" and dive torches

Hi everyone!

I’m fairly new to this, and prior to my black SRK my only other light is a Led Lenser P5R

I love the P5R, I think people call this type of torch a zoomie? In fact I bought 2 of em, 1 for home and 1 for work. I find it incredibly bright for such a small torch. But now I have discovered 18650 batteries, there should be much better options out there for me to look at. Still very small and very bright as a minimum requirement.

I am also a diver, and use a , I’d also like a recommendation for a dive torch from fellow divers, preferably something small enough to fit in my BCD pocket.


Looks pretty good, have you used it under water? Struggling to find reviews on it.

It doesn’t have to be a zoomable dive torch, just a normal 18650 one.

There's the Trustfire TR-J1. I've been crabbing with it and dropped it in the water many times.

The only time it's really been deep is when I went boat fishing and my friend dared me to throw it overboard and he'd dive for it, saying that if he found it and it was working, he would buy me a stack of Panasonic NCR18650Bs, but if it didn't work, I would just get a broken light, haha.

It was at a depth of almost 50 metres, according to my friend's depth gauge it was 48, for about 20 minutes.

I now have 4 free NCR18650Bs on the way, courtesy of my friend.

There's a guy who reviews and beamshots here. - link

Would advise that you partially unscrew the tailcap when not in use, since the ring switch leaches quite bad, (some people report almost 0.09amps).

Run time is only 1.5hrs of decent (>300lm) light with a NCR18650A. [Starts at a max of ~700lm]
There is a new TR-J2 which hosts double 18650s, but you wanted something compact.

Also, the crenellations on the torch are HUGE. Like, devastatingly big. If you hit someone in the head with it, you could kill them quite easily, kind of big.

No zoom as well.

Wow that Archon light is really cool. It has a huge head and Id think decent zoom capabilities. I’d love to see it reviewed and see how its driven and beamshots.

How about this for a cheap dive torch


I got one delivered a few days ago after reading some good posts about it somewhere (i cant remember where), postage only took about a week and it looks the goods (and works) but i havent tested it underwater yet.

I haven’t bought a dive torch yet, and that looks pretty good. Let me know how it performs after you take it on a dive, maybe a quick mini review?