Looking for 18650 light with long runtime

Hello BLF,

I bought a Lumapower MRV SE partly because it has a long usable runtime on low. The details are spelled out in Don's excellent review, here. What I am looking for is an 18650 light with a longer runtime than the Lumapower clone. Does such a beast exist for less than, let's say, $30?


raccoon city

I don't think any of my 18650 lights even come close to that. I would question the usefulness of a 16 lumen thrower though, you'd want to diffuse it for a far more useful beam. The RQ thrower from KD has a similar output on low but an even narrower beam. I've not done many tests on it yet.

Going by the output figures, a P60 light with the DX 5 mode XP-G R5 dropin in it might do the same on low and would give a much more useful beam to boot. I'll try to remember and test this configuration soon.

As Don said, any 5 mode 1x18650 would do the trick probably. Pick one you like that have minimum issues from reading the user experiences. Maybe chaning the driver would help also. P60 drop-in's arent that bad to mod afterall.


This is adjustable down to .1A on 1 cell. This might not be lower than mrv's low, though. Mine hasn't arrived yet. My skyray r5's low is only 0.04a.

What's a good way to diffuse the MRV's beam? It would be nice if there were a snap-on diffuser that would fit on the end of the MRV. The little research that I did suggests that an empty water jug, scissors/knife, and some duct tape might get the job done.

Someone mentioned a smear of vaseline would do the trick. Well if you dont mind the cheesy factor try a plastic fake ice cube. :)