Looking for 2x18650 host/Trade ???

Looking for a 2x18650 host would like to trade few my host for it ???

I have a L2T host in mint condition L2N host with extra tailcap


Have 3 courui DO1bodys


A silver 3AA mini mag host


What Courui parts do you have? Bodies? What color? I need a grey driver,switch section, or PILL. And Black tail caps and bezels, I’ll buy ’em!

There black with the driver just no head section

Get the 2x18650 host from Solarforce. I have one and it is a very nice host! Compatible with many tailcaps and bezels! And the price is reasonable.

If you ever run across a Convoy L1, grab it.

It’s a 2x18650 host with a head slightly smaller than a C8, and the build quality of an M2. Threaded pill, LD29 driver. I’ve often wondered why they’ve stopped offering them. It’s a superb host. FastTech still shows it as ‘out of stock’, but its been that way for a couple of years I think.

What about a Convoy L4? If you get one with the extension tube it’s similar to the L1 but with a bigger head. IMO build quality is a little better than the M2, and you get a side-clicky to go along with it.

Only real bummer is that it’s not available as a host-only.