Looking for 32mm XPG/XPL/LH351D triple MCPCB

Anyone know of a source for these besides cutter?

Nice but it’s not parallel. I presume is in series or single leds, so 6 wires for 3 leds

It appears the triple mcpcb from Cutter can be purchased with jumpers for series OR parallel configuration.

I know of no other size mcpcb now that the Noctigon are … gone.

Someone just asked this not long ago…seems like Cutter is the only one unless somebody uncovers a secret. I’ve kept one subconcious eye peeled since that thread as I browse around sites lately.

I have a triple Noctigon (with some old xp-l emitters reflowed onto it) plus at least one Ledil Cute SS optics which I have not used. I have been debating with myself for some if I want to sell the mcpcb with optic or if I want to build another light I don’t need. :astonished: No decision at present

Thanks for the input.

Sad these are not more readily available

I may consider ordering 10 from Cutter which would work out to be ~ $8 each with shipping.

If you decide to sell a few I’d be interested in 2

They can be configured either way. Image is XHP50/XML but is the same for XP or 3535 leds