Looking for a 14500/aa with nichia


I’m looking for an aa-size light with a nichia emitter.
From what I’ve found these have the best color rendering.

I prefer it to run on a 14500 (protected, keeppower, it’s a somewhat thicker battery than other 14500’s I have noticed) due to the increased output, but it also has to be able to run on AA.

Preferred options:
clicky switch
no strobe
under 30$ shipped.

From what I have found so far, I could only find the L3 Illumination L10 Colors Nichia 219 coming close to what I’m looking for, it’s a twisty instead of a clicky, but I could go with that. They have a nice white color one and I don’t own a white light yet so that’s a plus.
But the biggest problem is shipping to my country adds another 15$.

So I was wondering if anybody knows another option for me under 30$

There's a new L10 with clickie.

That’s even better!
But I can only find the l10 with nichia on sbflashlights and their shipping costs are a bit too high for me right now.