looking for a 17 mm driver with quick access to strobe

I have used a number of the nanjg 17 mm drivers in various single cell lion lights however any that I’ve used take several clicks to get to strobe. (I find strobe handy when crossing roads as our local drivers often ignore pedestrians).

I would like to have a driver that has 4 levels (moonlight through high) and a hidden strobe that can be accessed by way of a double click from any of the 4 levels. I do not want the SOS mode.

Also can the timing of the strobe be easily varied?

There are many options available for these drivers however I’ve not seen the above or anything similar.

Any suggestions as to where I can get such a driver would be appreciated.



Drjones. Lucidrv ft. Ask for double click mode and you can have him set strobe to your wishes.

The best thing I could recommend is to get a driver route=product/product&path=67&product_id=52 and mod your light. DrJones also sells another programmable version that might help. It you are just out for walks, then this light might work well for you. 2 modes, hold down the button for strobe. Have to change the emitter as it’s very cold hue.
I hear what you are saying. As a runner I experience this almost every run. I avoid running at sunset or night because I think drivers are too distracted. When I run close to in or near the dark I carry a Jetbeam JetPro that is programmable. First mode is set to strobe next is low then high. I strobe the intersections ’cus the average driver is mentally not on the job.

Thanks for the ideas. I’ve built a few lights from hosts including p60’s, a C8 and a couple of convoy s2’s. The convoy s2’s are a nice size and with the right emitter throw plenty of light for walking and running. They are small enough for a pocket also, which I find handy.


Looks perfect for what I want, walking/intersections/visibility
And it’s sold out at Eachbuyer.
Anyone see it elsewhere?
EDIT, I tried Google image search and didn’t find it, but someone must know where else ….

’oogled the “hold for 3 seconds” “strobe” and found


Quoting from the linked review, to be real clear how it works:

Surprising how hard it is to find.

C_K has a tactical build click (one mode high) strobe w/ double tap

I am sure he could have it w/ modes, but DrJones comes that way…either way the awesome coders here can probably easily whip up a driver for you

Honestly…that type of build would be an AWESOME “GP” type firmware…I would love to have a build like that

PS, if anyone sees lights specifying strobe flash rates, please post a pointer.

Worth knowing:


Thanks for all the ideas. A couple of things:

Warhawk - by “GP” are you meaning general purpose or something else.

Hank - I have been looking a bit at what a good strobe rate is - the really fast rate likely isn’t good for my purposes but an intermitent medium and slow rates might be best - something that gets driver’s attention in an urban environment where there are lots of other lights. As far as seizures (this isn’t directly applicable since the thread is actually about disorientation by way of strobe) this thread is interesting. Police in Holland have been investigating and are using strobe for momentary distraction to allow them to control suspects. The very lengthy thread is here:
police use of strobe

Any ideas as to the most effective strobe frequency for my use would be appreciated.


Yes GP is General Purpose

Hidden strobe (double tap) w/ 4 modes MOON>L>M>H (or turbo w/ stepdown [to prevent overheating]) would be an awesome build.

STAR can do that (the modes w/ timeout)…but not sure if they have hidden strobe built in it or not…
They have done TONS of modification and variants since last I have checked…been a long while

Thanks for that link…definitely a good read!

Here it is — MAYBE


this doesn’t mention the strobe at all though, just two modes “high low”
and it’s under $9 plus unspecified shipping.

This looks more like it:
about $14; yellow rim around the side button. Description otherwise much the same, “hidden strobe”