Looking for a 18650 medium thrower with ramping and inlight charging

Any recommendations thanks


FT03 Mini with the SST-40?

:+1: good one for the money. Anduril rocks too.

I’d like to know about other 18650 lights LIKE the SC31 Pro, but with continuous output closer to 600-700 lumens.

Mini GT


A lot of SC31 Pro owners need to go outside and hit the lights :sunglasses:

My 6.5k SC31 Pro throws very decent light out past 100 yards in my back gardens and into the field behind them. So I’d say it qualifies as a medium thrower IMNSHO.

I have no doubts it performs well. But I struggle to believe it has a throwy beam. It is a small tube light. With a small reflector!

I have tube lights running de-domed XP-G2’s and XP-L HI’s. They perform great. But compared to a C8 or even an X6 they are by no means throwers. And certainly not medium class ones.

Definitions and interpretations vary from user to user. In this case we have very simple request with VERY little detail. I am assuming by that lack of detail, that the word “Medium” means, “gets out there decent enough.”

Given the 18650 parameter I’d say the SC31 Pro meets the request… and is a suggestion (as requested) by a very long-standing member (LB) who I concurred with.

But I certainly agree with you on all points made except for interpretation of what “medium throw” meant to both LB and myself. Just trying to be helpful.

And last… I do tip the hat re. the lack of regulated run time via a question re. other possible options.

So if the OP replies, I hope they ask some questions and clarify in more detail what they are thinking OR let us know what they found so far.

Until then we know little we can help him with, agreed? :smiley:


No charging.

The ec01 sst40 can run 18650, although it’s a 21700 light. I have the xhp50 and it tosses light, I’m sure the sst40 throws some light. In light charging too

Wellp, a tubelight like a TO46R with its triple TIRs is more of a flooder, and quite a nice one.

A P30 or GTmini or even a C8 is certainly a dedicated thrower. Alas, no charging.

As far as any 18650 light that has ramping (that doesn’t suck) and charging, options are limited. So the SC31pro has both, isn’t floody, and with enough oomf can certainly light up what’s out there, so while ir’s not a dedicated thrower (thank B’harni), it does throw pretty well.



Just got mine 5000K version. For $30 I think it’s nice flashlight. Nice looking tint / bin in mine. However there’s dim second circle around corona. Also button leds are on only when aux green leds are on. Battery tube is a lot thinner than the one in C8. Because of that, threads are shallow. Feels smaller in the hand than C8. Overall if you need throwy flashlight with usb-c charging FT03 mini is a strong contender.

Edit: it has Anduril so the best ramping ui.

As I say, I’m not knocking the actual light. I’m sure it is great, although I don’t have one.

I think you can have a “throwy tube light”. Which this might qualify for. But I’m not sure I’d ever all a tube light a “thrower”. It’s a bit like you can get sporty hatchback cars, but a hatchback will never be a “sports car”.

However I do agree that the op needs to clarify what they are after :slight_smile: