Looking for a 36.7mm x 1.5mm coated lens..

I do not seem to be able to find one of these anywhere. Suggestions other than KD, Banggood, Fasttech and Mountain?

Thanks matt

Eh, I think CNQG? Nope. In any case you’ll have to make compromises on your dimensions. Where’s your wiggle room? (thicker, thinner, wider, narrower)

I’d say you’re probably looking for a 37mm lens here… I think that Intl-Outdoor or CNQG may have offered them in the past, but I don’t see them either place now.

If you can fit 2mm thickness KD does have some options (I assume you weren’t saying that you don’t want direct product links to KD…)
36.3mm x 2.0mm Water White Glass Lens - 1 Piece
36.4mm x 2.0mm Water White AR Coating Glass Lens - 1 Piece
36.4mm(D) x 2.0mm(T) AR Coated Lens - 1 pc

Otherwise you’re stuck with pricey stuff from flashlightlens.com. You might be able to use the 35x1.9mm lens with a centering ring, depending on your light’s dimensions… but it’s doubtful. More likely you’re stuck with one of the 3 high-end plastic lenses they offer.

In every case you’ll be making some compromise.

EDIT: also I’ll point you towards what I think are the correct BLF threads to dig through. Find the F13 threads. There are several group-buy, deal, or modding related threads on these lights and I believe that they use ~37mm by ??mm lenses - very close to what you are asking about.

I had seen the ones from KD the extra .5mm will not bother me. The missing .3mm may not be an issue, but it will be close. Does the water white really make a difference? From what I have read, I think it would... I may have to try one, the lens that I currently have is not even coated. Might actually see the difference after the change.

I’ve gtg for now, no time for a long thing… but coated lenses are not all created equal. If you dig around on the forum you may find where some interesting benchmarks have been done between pricey MLC lenses, cheap MLC ones, and uncoated. I think I remember at least one test that was pretty conclusive.

I wouldn’t know what’s best at KD. I also have done no experiments with lens/glass-window efficiency myself.

As far as the stuff from flashlightlens.com - they should actually be able to cut any diameter lens you need out of their plastics. They could in the past.