Looking for a 3x XM-L or greater light

Well, working for Cree it's fun to turn them on for friends and blind them basically :D I actually think I may skip the DRY models, they seem to have the most odd issues etc. Intl-outdoors does have a 5 mode version though http://www.intl-outdoor.com/dry-xml-t6-2500-lumens-18650-flashlight-p-215.html has H-M-L-Strobe-Turbo. The T70 seems to be a good compromise, will definitely do more research on it. The Xtar is by far the highest quality but also most expensive though. Not sure I want a light the size of the TR-J12, but will research those last 3 more.

Just to defend the Dry a bit, because I have one and like it a lot: The only odd issues I know about are:

- battery rattle (easily solved)

- battery holder doesn't fit long cells (easily solved)

- overheats on turbo

- slippery body (not a big deal to me)

Other than that, I think it's a great light for the size and price. Very few reports of failures so far.

Ok, may have to try that one otherwise. Seems that the T70 gives teh best of both worlds though, more throw than the Dry but more flood than the Xtar.

I own both the DRY and the TK70 and the Fenix seems to be way more brighter / of more use then the DRY. For me the fattie is a fun toy but I won't keep it. I don't have use for it, it was nice to see the little bugger though.

If you have money to invest get the TK70, the built quality, the throw and the runtime is simply mouthwatering. If you want something smaller get the Big Bruiser, that's my next wish light.

I want modes, from what I can tell the Big Bruiser is just On or Off, would like more than just that, lol.

You are completely right. It's only on and off. Then I recommend the UF-T70 from reviews. My J12 should arrive any day now so as soon as I get it I can tell if it's recommendable being compared to the Fenix and DRY. And then adios J12, I never wanted you after you were shipped (me stupid), lol.

bose301s, here's the thread about the Thrunite model with the selector ring: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/6453

Anzycpethian, you say the TK70 is way brighter than the Dry. Can you describe in a little bit more detail what you mean? On fresh batteries, the Dry is supposed to produce more lumens, but of course the beams are very different. I know that the Dry dims as the batteries sag and the light heats up... does the TK70 output stay fairly constant?

What kinds of things do you use your TK70 (thrower) for, that it would be more useful than the Dry (flooder)? I'm trying to decide whether to buy another 3x XM-L myself. I'm not interested in the TK70 mainly because of the shape. I could never carry that light anywhere if my wife is with me. :) But if a throwy 3x XM-L light is useful, I might try the Xtar S1, which seems to be the 2nd-throwiest.

I’m assuming the Thrunite will be expensive though.

I'm with you on that. Since I'm really on a single 26650 super power kick right now I'm really digging the Big Bruiser. And believe it or not, THAT is the kind of light I'm okay having a twisty switch! haha. You can actually wrap both hands around the fat body so twisting kind of makes sense. I actually find it more intuitive than a tail cap switch for a fatty light. I'm just having a hard time justifying the cost. Since it's a very small scale production the costs are significantly higher. However, I'd sure love to support the non-Chinese flashlight builder who's supplying something unique (no offense to the Chinese people).

Here's a used one at a discount (includes battery) but it has a couple blemishes:


When I compare the DRY to the TK70 the Fenix beats the living sh** out of the budget light simply because the output of the latter sags in my opinion VERY fast. The 3000lm you'll only see in the first few minutes of the freshly charged batteries. I say max 10 mins and then you'll have ~2000-2500lm max.

So basically the DRY will have more lumen in the first few minutes directly compared to the Fenix BUT the hotspot / throw of the Fenix is way more intense then the one of the DRY. Also I can say that the Fenix' output stays VERY constant. The device gets barely warm and you can use the monstrous 2000lm throw for 2 hours "for reals". I haven't run down the batteries that much yet but you have 1h max. output confirmed CONSTANT while the DRY is rather a cheapo showoff light.

What do I use the Fenix for... well you got me. For nothing basically. Just for flashoholic pleasures in the yard, lighting up our avocado trea, that's about it. I just love how it looks and it's more a toy for me concerning usage then a serious device but hey, that's what makes me happy! Like walking around with my 3rd gen 64lp/mm res. night vision. Drives me crazily happy!^^

Tomorrow I'll use my Fenix for night frizbee throwing.

Wayne (ElektroLumens) is redesigning his KONG 12 x XM-L powered by 12 x 18650 so maybe you want to wait for that? It'll only set you back about $1500

Thanks very much, Anzycpethian! Don't go into too much detail about your yard pleasures with the TK70. :)

Yea, I don’t need a Kong 21 though :wink:

Everybody should own a Turbo Dry.

I like my Dry too, but I'm looking for another 3x XM-L for uses that the Dry isn't really suitable for. I'll still carry the Dry around with me in my pocket or work bag, but if I get another 3x XM-L light, I'd probably bring that one out when I know I'm going to want a high-powered light.

Speaking of turbo mode, Scheven-architect have you had your Dry modded yet? :)

Are you sure?