Looking for a basic 21700 High CRI 4500/5000+ (Samsung LED or Comparable) Compact, Alternative to my SC700D.

Yes, Nichia will spoil you for sure. Your standard is now raised and it will be hard to go back! I think almost every light I own has Nichia LED’s modded into them except my Zebralights that are Cree. Nichia needs to create an XHP70 alternative

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They sort of did quite some time ago, with the NV9W149AM, though it is a 9 die emitter that runs at 9v instead of 6/12v. I have to wonder if the weird footprint killed it, because most lights using XHP70 can give the drive voltage a bigger boost and work fine.

It’s an interesting emitter, seeing that it’s available in R9050, but sadly I don’t think any lights use it and it’s probably being discontinued soon without a replacement planned.

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5000K high CRI XHP70.3 is really lovely, Cree has nothing to be ashamed of.

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Never had that LED yet. Only coming from XHP 50.2 and 70.2.

I have the 70.3HI in 4000k R9050, it has a bit of an egg yolk effect but works pretty well. Also have 50.3HI in 4000k R70 which has fantastic tint.

I think you’ll love it compared to the .2 version XHP.

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I’ll have to look into the 70.3 then. It sounds like its tint improvement might be better. 70.2 5000k in the SC700D was a little bit bothersome as it had a tint of green.

yeah. im avoiding the .2’s too. but for the flashlights you do have with that emitter, you can still have perfect tint. i bought a sample booklet of lee filters and some diffusion film. it’s been done before by many but instead of using a single color lee filter over the whole lens, use many differnt colors but still 1 total layer in the end. i used 3 different colors on my 70.2 to get it perfect from spill to spot. 1/8 minus green on the center of the lens to fix the yellowgreen spot . ‘no color straw lee filter’ 2 to 3 mm ring around the edge of the lens to correct the purple spill. 1/8 cto filter to correctthe purplish corona near the spot. the cuts dont need to be perfect either because i put the diffusion fill over it all. thats the gist of it. i also cut a hole in the center of the of the lens of the diffusion film, about the size of the emitter, in hopes of keeping some throw

like unbelievably perfect


I’ve been very impressed with my Convoy S21A with B35AM at 4500K with orange peel reflector. I have a lot of these sorts of lights with different emitters in different tints. This one seems to be a magic combination. The balanced beam profile is “just right” across a wide variety of applications. The 4500K also feels more versatile for different activities or EDC.

(I wanted to try a warmer version so I got the same combination at 2700K. It wasn’t bad but it didn’t have the same balance or “just right” level of illumination that made the 4500K magic.)

Here is the AliExpress link:


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