Looking for a _bright_ budget (skyray king?) 18650 light for hunting and searching

Hey everyone, new “budget light forumist” here reporting in from finland. Stumbled upon this forum while searching for information for a bright 18650 led light. I’ve read that skyray king could be a good choice, but is it anymore? And all those fake versions of it, so can’t be sure where to buy it and what you might get. Budget is about 50$-60$. Don’t need batteries nor charger. Light should be semi thrower, as in flood and a decent throw, need it for hunting and searching for the prey I’ve shot. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Found this from lightmalls, but that low price freaked me out, I’ve seen skyray kings cost a lot more than this, so can this be a fake?

Oh and ordering from china isn’t a problem, that would be the default country for me to buy it from anyway

Hi and welcome…

Check this thread, I think the first alternative mentioned is spot on when it comes to your budget. (it has to be shipped)

And since that light is sold by the same place the winner of my little GAW will get a $10 giftcard for, you might just want to enter :slight_smile:

Thanks for a quick reply :slight_smile:

You mean this? http://www.banggood.com/Shadow-JM35-Upgrade-CREE-MT-G2XHP-50-1900LM-LED-Flashlight-26650-p-976410.html

That would be awesome but I’m looking for a 18650 light :/, I got good 18650 batteries already, so wouldn’t want to put them to waste


Supfire M6, best soupcan/SRK style flashlight for <$50.

Edit: Replaced mobile link

Yes supfire
But from RMM’s Montain Electronics

Is it worth paying that extra 13$ for that first mod option from mtnelectronics or is the stock M6 good enough?

its worth it

Love my SkyRay King.
Awesome light.

I now carry two lights on all my hunting adventures. Convoy C8 and S2. The S2 with a warm tint is a great blood tracker and the C8 is used for both tracking and spotting duties. I always carry 2 spare 18650’s just in case I get into one of those loooong tracking jobs. Headlamp is a given.