Looking for a dedicated thrower

Lumen range 500-1200 exlusively for throw. Preferably 2x 18650 setup dislike tiple in series. What are my best options?

Well it should be able to light 300m or more. A mini searchlight.

For 300m you are probably going to have to spend a lot of money. It may be that the KD RQ Spear clone when modded with an XM-L will come close but it is a single 18650 ligt.

The only thing that springs to mind is a custom with an SST50 and a big reflector. If you don't need that high of LED lumens, I know my Tiablo A9 w/ aspheric will throw 300m (I bought it used at a good price, so fairly budgety..). Your other option is something like the Stanley HID spotlight, but that misses out on your 2x18650 spec.

What's so special about that Tiablo? Looks better but similar to C8

budget light, 3m is pretty far, did u look at the manafont t8?

its a hell of a thrower (i know i promised people pics, but havent gotten around to it)

nice tight beam, most light is thrown too

3 Q5's, draws 1amp, assuming true Q5s, well say each LED is 220 lumens, 660 total, maybe 4-500 OTF?

correct me if im wrong?

def more light than my single R5's driven at 1.5 amps

hey, that stanley HID spotlight is NOT worth the money.

better off with the Stanley 1300 lumen flashlight (this must be an OTF rating. the bulb is an H3 100 Watt, generally rated over 2000 lumens) $30 bux at lowes ;-)

Trust me, did a side by side comparison, returned BOTH HID stanleys, so not impressed. dials up HARD, then drops back when warmed up to MAYBE 1000 lumens.....

link for T8 btw


so you know ahead of time

Springs are designed for 1 18650, so two means shaking changes mode

SOS does not work properly. but strobe DOES!

High Med low works great

finish is a LITTLE cheap.

button is solid build


What's so special about that Tiablo? Looks better but similar to C8


Build quality, output, and engineering. The A9 w/ aspheric configuration does exactly what it was intended to do, which is project a very tight spot out at a great distance. When I first got it I will say I was a little disappointed, but that was because I was playing around with it indoors during the day. That first night I went outside and allowed it to stretch its legs and wow....I was then impressed. To compare, it easily out throws the 5xR2 mag mod I just finished up, even though it's putting out 1/4 the lumens. For my intended use (rifle mounted, varmint hunting) it works perfectly. Lights up critters as far as I need to. For use in search and rescue however, one may find the beam too narrow. It really depends on what your specific needs are. Sounds like you have one in mind.


I believe that a XM-L with a decent host will do. How can i do something along the lines of a solarforce turbo head with a XM-L and L2 dual 18650 body.

Basically looking for a cheapish host with a great deep reflector and possibly a dual 18650 but even single would do althrough woudl prefer double.

What can i expect form this thing?:


How much is better compared to a solarforce l2 with R5

The driver is going to be the issue - anything with a P7 or MC-E in it should be fine as it is already set up to dish out the necessary current. I have an MC-E Spear clone that is just crying out for an XM-L in it.


I ordered the Q5 version, but DX sent me the MC-E version. It takes 3.2A at the tailcap so should drive an XM-L properly. Either that or it has the least efficient driver in the known universe.

Upon researching a bit i found out that the most common good throwers use a r2 led. Maybe i should rethink my build.

XR-E's do throw better, it is down to die size. The larger the die is, the larger the reflector you need.

The higher surface brightness also helps with throw. A dedomed SST-90 will throw like crazy and put out enough light that the size of the reflector is almost immaterial.

A laser will throw even better, bit is a bit lacking in spill...

Not sure i want to dedome a r2. Apparently dedomed emitters die quickly but not sure for what reason...

Essentially oxygen gets where it shouldn't. The SST LEDs are still sealed when dedomed. There are some reports of dedomed XM-Ls doing well, but time will tell on that. Like you say, dedoming an XR-E is a bad idea.

Too bad it is impossible to cut the dome a few hairs above the emitter. It should do the trick i guess, but no manufacturer purposely make such leds.

Btw, how much of an impact a R2 has compared to a Q5. I understand they are basicly identical and r2 is just putting out more lumens at same current?

Thre is also S2 but it is unavailable anywhere.

Basically 7%. A Q5 is putting out 107-114 lumens at 350mA, and R2 114-121

If you do that, try this http://www.manafont.com/product_info.php/lunapower-mrv-lg104-cree-q5-5mode-led-flashlight-p-1744

Got it in a givaway from Don (thanks again). Best thrower I ever seen. Very large reflector gives a very narrow beam. Reaching 200-300 meters at least.

Really? Looks like average joe random C8 with a Q5. Quite a bit better looking i admit, but still...

Much better than let say:?


Dont know as I dont have it, but looking at specs there will probably not be much difference, and its cheaper.

Somebody needs to do the math and figure out a reasonable price to lumen ratio..

it seems that there are lots of older lights that will sell cheap and will generally do 76.3% of what the newer more expensive lights will do . Some in very nicely built bodies that are easy to mod ..This is what I'm on the look out for . One reason i was sad to see edi-t lights go up at DX ..i thought they were right up my alley .After getting my hands on a 501b and some pathetic small suns I realiz what real garbage threads and el cheapo bodies there are out there ..I want budget ....Not bad **it...

I think the easiest thrower i know is a solorforce with an xpe r2

If you want big numbers than it's an xml

Just out of curiosity, the p60 dropins if i unscrew the reflector off the pill can it be inserted into a C2 or C8 body without modification or it is an entirely different pill? Wishfull thinking?

If i decide to get the manafont mrv... is it possible to mod it for better throw or it is best left as it is. Would a XM-L do that light justice. I understand the XM-L has a wider angle but is it enough to compensate with brute force output?

Another option would be changing the driver and the led for an R2 slightly overdriven at 1,1-1,2A...

I looked at 802 style flashlights:


Apparently is glued.

Any idea which is the cheapest available body to mod to a dedicated thrower?