Looking for a driver with 4 or 5 modes (no blinkies)

I really like the driver I got a while back,

but I`m looking for a driver that has about the same group of modes, but without the 5-sec Group Mode setting.
Sometimes I accidentally enter this Setting without wanting to.

IOS sells the Qlite Rev.A which is pretty close to what I want.
That driver provides 3A, which i don`t really need, so something in the 1.5A area would be nice.

Where else are these kind of drivers available? (4-5 modes) (either is fine)
4; Very Low, Low, medium, high

5;Moonlight, Very low, low, medium, high.

If you want a steady supply of drivers and not just one or two, pick up a SOIC8 programming clip, a USB ASP programmer, and flash them with DrJones' Nlite: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/18531

It works on any of the Nanjg-based drivers that use the ATTiny13 controller (edit: as long as they have the bridgeable stars to set the modes). You don't have to write any code, just paste a string of text into a command window and it's done.

Okay... that could be worth having, some links please for the stuff you mentioned? the clip etc...

edit: I found the clips at FT, 2 versions...which is better?

edit 2; if anybody knows where these drivers are available, please link.. The option for programming it by yourself is nice, but I probably would prefer a no nonsense pre-programmed driver.

programmer: http://www.fasttech.com/products/1002900

clip: search for 'soic8 clip', I imagine you could find one local much easier than I, here in rural Mississippi USA...

software: http://winavr.sourceforge.net/ - that installs a bunch of tools, for flashing Nlite all you need is to paste a string into a CMD window opened in the folder where the nlite.hex is saved (in Windows, hold the shift key & right click, hit 'open command window here').

more info: AVR Drivers - Flashlight Wiki

The string to flash nlite is:

avrdude -p t13 -c usbasp -u -Uflash:w:nlite.hex:a -Ulfuse:w:0x79:m -Uhfuse:w:0xed:m

Thanks comfychair!

Just reading your post is making me wanting a pre-programmed driver even more :p

There's a custom driver thread.

PM me if you want one.

PM sent.

Any other pre-programmed drivers like the ones mentioned above?