Looking for a flashlight like this

This is a bright halogen floodlight from a house I passed by when I was out testing my TrustFire TR-3T6 last night. I would absolutely love this brightness/color temp. in a flashlight. These porch lights are like the sun (though still not as bright as the TrustFire), and I doubt there are many (if any) small-sized handheld lights out there that can match this level of brightness/flood, but I guess it would have to use a warm white led, or xenon, etc. Any suggestions?

Was pretty foggy so it appears a bit more intense than it really is, but it is also a little underexposed so there was more overall light around.

You could always buy some warm XM-L's with a 3000 color temp and reflow them onto the PCB of your TR-3T6. ;)