Looking for a fun compact light (the holy grail?)

I’ve been a long time lurker around here, and I used to be obsessed in this hobby but have since taken a break. However, I’m going camping with a couple friends this weekend, and am looking for a solid light to bring along to have some fun with.

What I’m looking for is something that is relatively small and has incredible throw. So far here are my finds:


- Fireflies E07 (don’t think I can get this in time)

  • FW3A

If I were to trade off between size and throw, I’d go for throw, so throw your suggestions at me :smiley:

Hope this reignites my old time hobby :LOVE:


Emisar D1s

Compact light with killer throw? How about the Nightwatch NI01 IRAlite Osram white flat:

Wow, thanks for the quick replies. Checking these lights out and they both look great.

Darn, just checked with Neal and the Nightwatch NI40 S2WP is out of stock until next week

Sorry, l will edit my previous post:

It’s the Nightwatch NI01 IRAlite Osram whiteflat version

For ultra compact I recommend the Emisar D1. Very pocketable and great throw for the size. GT mini is good aswell, less pocketable but still relatively compact and very throwy. Feels great in the hand aswell.

Where are you based?

Cool! I’ll check it out. I’m based in northern california

Any idea where I can find an emisar d1 or d1s?

Mtn but looks like they’re out of stock. The only other option is direct from Hank at intl-outdoor

D1S has an update due imminently which is why they’re out of stock. I prefer the GT mini styling and feel anyway. Plus it comes with a shorty tube for extra giggles.