Looking for a headlamp for an electrician

I vote for option 2

It’s such a shame - those cheap COB headlamps are so close to being perfect. The only issues are terrible tint, low CRI, rubbish build quality, always starting on high, having to cycle through strobe, PWM whine…

Seriously, I’d love to see someone make a nice COB headlamp. For things like reading, cooking and wiring up a distribution board it would be ideal.

I have the NU20 CRI and find it perfect for close up work, the high CRI also makes it easy to spot color coded wires correctly

Actually I use one as DRL bicycle , and its good enough for that.

Thanks RollerBoySE!

The NU20 CRI is back in the running, possibly with an F1 and a 3Q as a backup power source.

After everydaysurvivalgear reviews a terrible COB headlamp I bought one out of morbid curiosity.

It now lives in my car tool kit. It’s not nice but if I’m changing a tyre at night it will do the job.

Another good thing about it is that it can be used while charging. So with a power pack the runtime is virtually unlimited. It’s also very light so you hardly notice wearing it.

Do you think it’s tough enough to live in a tool bag on a construction site?

It can take some abuse, but together with other tools might be over the top. It’s small enough to fit in any pocket though.

You can check Lumintop HL18 headlamp come with USB Rechargeable.

I search for somthing similar and thinkink about NU20 CRI or Manker E03H AA Headlamp (Manker on ebay too) But dont find jet how hot they get. (here many referee dont think about this, but if it get (very)hot, then I dont want any on my head/hand)

Im electrician and using H03 with wide optics and warm bin. Happy with it. Rechargeable flashlights are not professional, you always have to have another pair of battery or you like to wait for 2 hours or so in the darkness, while you get charged your 1 and last battery? Imalent have moving- turning switch. What do you think about dust ant moving parts?

That is exactly why the NU20 CRI can be charged while using it.

I don’t like cables on my head, because i see them every day long. :laughing: Simple way is just change battery

I’m looking for an electrician ….Will trade headlamp for work , :stuck_out_tongue:

My suggestion is the skillhunt H03

and there is no reason to use a Q30 high drain LMR battery in it

Hello guys. Should H03F have any benefit comparing to H03 for short distance?

What about the WowTac A2? Do you think it’s suitable for this kind of works?