Looking for a higher output light with balanced flood/throw. (21700 or multi 18650)

I have a bit of a collection at this point but would like to add another larger light to replace the Q8 that I sold.

I’m looking for something with some or all the following features:

  • < $175ish
  • 21700 or multi 18650 (up to 4)
  • > 60kcd max of 200kcd — Enough to distinguish it from my D18, but not a pencil beam.
  • > 6,000lm, the higher sustained the better. Would entertain SBT90/ single XHP70 lights.
  • A non FET driver would also be nice, but can be overlooked for lights under $100
  • < 4000k preferred, but would consider CW lights like the Acebeam X45
  • CRI is nice but not essential

So far I’ve considered a handful of lights such as the X45II, FT02S, Noctigon K9.3, Lumintop GT3, etc but haven’t seen anything that really sparks interest.

These look quite interesting with the SBT.90 LED

I have been eyeballing SBT90 lights. 220kcd@5800lm might be a bit throwy for what I’m looking for, but definitely an interesting suggestion. The K30-GT is in the same area, but that Manker is neat.