Looking for a ITP A3 size AAA/10440 light with a click switch

I think the subject pretty much says it all. I love the ITP A3, but prefer a click switch. XP-G led is preferable. I would love something in grey or natural color since I plan to put it on my keys and don't want a color finish that might get all scratched up from my keys, but that is not a requirement. I look forward to anyone's suggestions. Thanks!

Preon I with the extra tail is all I know of. Personally, I think a twisty on a small light is better in the pants/on a key ring due to the risk of accidental activation.

Head on over to chinaqualitygoods , and check out N-light .

I had Preon 1 kit. Sold it away because:

-Way too hard to use as a twisty, no knurling, hard to twist, yet threadplay.

-clicky had a tendency to go a bit sideways, gets stuck or has more resistance

-poor tailstand with clicky

I would say I almost like more this one:


Cheaper, less power but enough, one mode, better clip IMO, good flood, tailstands better.

Good AAA-clicky is a tough issue :)

edit: ...and yes, I would also give a try for N-Light rather, than Preon now that I´ve had one before.

I forgot about the N-light B3 and I have one. Real nicely made. Mine is two mode in neutral with no memory. Nice light for the pocket, too heavy for a keychain IMO.

The button is electronic and requires a finger tip rather than the pad of your thumb.

There aren't too many clicky switch aaa lights out there. A clicky by its nature is going to add quite a bit of length to a flashlight over a twisty and since people usually want a aaa light to be as small as possible, it means twisty is the method of choice. There are a few single mode clickies on DX and elsewhere at around 80mm, but not multi-modes. Those tend to be F23 size. The N-light B3 is about the smallest multi-mode clicky 1xaaa you can find, but the SS makes it heavier.

Hmm, maybe a twisty is the right way to go to prevent accidental activation.

So, who wants to sell me an ITP A3 cheap...errr budget priced.

They are on sale at Shiningbeam .


Thanks, but I'd honestly rather have the XP-G version.

I think the XP-G version is over-hyped. The one thing an AAA is typically short of is throw (when you need it) and the Q5 version out-throws the XP-G albeit putting out less lumens and with a more ringy beam.

Its a bit of work but the AkoRay K-102 works well when you change the Seoul Semi emitter to an XP-E.


The hole in the reflector is smaller than the K-103 (XR-E) and fits the XP-E quite well. Fitting it in there is a different story...

Its my EDC.

The tint of the Q5 is a bit whiter , the XPG is just slightly greener , but the XPG has brighter spill .

If I remember correctly it's possible to lego the ITP A3 head with a Streamlight microstream body for a rear clicky AAA .