Looking for a low-output only light

My 5 year old granddaughter needs a flashlight that is a single output with maybe 10-20 lumens or so. It would be nice if it could tail-stand, and if were big enough that it would not be easily misplaced.

Hard to find anything like this. I know we all like lots of lumens with options for fewer lumens.

Anything come to mind? I wouldn’t be opposed to building / modifying one, but I’d need some specific instructions for what to do. I’ve built/assembled lights before, but only with pre-made parts.

A sofirn SC21 Pro, which uses Anduril, can be programmed to only have one output, of whatever brightness you choose.

It does tailstand. It also has a tailmagnet, she might enjoy that too.

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That sounds like a possibility. Thank you!

Was thinking about the Inland R22 that you used to be able to get at Microstore. Single AA light, side-clicky, literally just a battery-vampyre circuit powered by the AA cell.

Goggled it. Alas, no longer available.

Failing that, what about the OG 2×AA Maglite? Nigh indestructible, simple twisty, can use the hotwire come-with bulbs or get a cheap Nite-Ize LED retrofit. Available in all sorts of purty colors, too.

Or, the Acebeam Pokomon in 2×AA as well. Technically it’s 2 brightnesses, but it’s a forward-clicky switch and always comes on in low, so unless you half-press then click-on, it’ll pretty much always be its dim setting.

If you’re luckey, you might be able to buy a used Gerber Infinity Ultra AA somewhere.
Single mode, 5mm led, built like a tank, and designed to suck the last electron out of your battery.

Sofirn C01S (currently not sold) would be an appropriate choice.

Maybe you can check if someone has a spare one that would be willing to sell it to you near your place.

Years ago I bought the grandkids the Olight twisty AAA lights/ 2 mode — One of the best things for them was adding a neck lanyard – those lights have been on many trails and Gecko hunts

“…big enough to not be easily misplaced” rules out AAA twisties, etc.

If a 2×AA light (long but skinny) would still be too small, then a regular 18650 light with Andouille should work. Lock it down to 1-mode dim.

Thinking something like the purple F12, or was that the F13. Not quite B’harbi pink, but for a little gril, purple should be nice. Would also stand out way more than Basic Black.

Or this with a 3mm or 5mm straw-hat style LED in place of the bulb. (The LED needs to be narrow enough to fit through the reflector opening, i’ve filed down the stopper on a 5mm LED before and reamed the refelector on another, both easy things to do.)

Possibly an easily moddable light like a Convoy S2+ with a resistor in place of the driver (using a blank driver board as a contact board). Preferably with a LiFePo4 cylindrical battery for safety and a more regulated output over Li-ION.
If you choose to buy a LiFePo4 battery and charger you could also do this with a smaller AA light like the Convoy T2, or anything with easy access to the driver.
Maaaybe this could be done with an AA driver, keeping the voltage booster and bypassing the control circuitry with a resistor, or just reducing the output of a 1 mode AA driver with a resistor, but that’s all only guesswork.

It might also be possible to set an Anduril/Anduril 2 driver to a single, low mode, so a Sofirn SP10 pro AA torch might work.

If you’re not fussy about LEDs then the ubiquitous 9x5mm torch would do the job, or:
(They’re not quite as bright as they claim on NiMH.)

Convoy T3 12 group set to mode group 9, memory off, 50%, 10%, 1%, if using 4,2v lithium, or mode group 6 if using 1,5v AA.

T3 comes in assortment of colors, add a neck lanyard and her favorite little keychain doll/figurine or glow in the dark beads.

edit: i overlook the lumen requirements,
Convoy do have 1 AAA light, 50-60 lumens.

One of these might work:

It’s got a little more output than you asked for, but it’s cheap, takes commonly used batteries, and from what I’ve heard they have surprisingly pleasant tint.

Wow! Lots of great suggestions. Thanks. As much as I’d love to build a new light, I’d forgotten about the Nit-Ize options for a Mini Mag. I ordered a kit, and a bright blue Maglite, and some lithium AAs. That should fix her up right fine! (She’s been using the 1200 lumen Convoy I got for my son when she gets up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom - and she’s been waking up everyone. :wink:

Thanks again for the ideas and input!


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Lol, that’s awesome :smiley:
Glad you got a solution.

That was my first thought too. It’s unfortune Sofirn stopped production on that light. The lumen chasers are more profitable but there’s always somebody in need of a small low powered light.

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Did the kit that you got include the tail switch? I think I have a dozen or so of the old style minimags. I have put tail switches on them all. I find it much more convenient than using the twist for on “feature”. As it means messing with the chosen beam focus every time I turn the things on.

I always hated the dreaded Doughnut Hole Of Death, so would only keep it in its tightest focus and leave it there. Actually, referring to my 2-or-3 D-cell donk with the side-clicky.

2AA twisty, think I used to “be in practice” so to speak, to give it a quick twist and get it close to tight-focus.


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