Looking for a new EDC

Hello all.
First, I would like to say I'm very happy to find this forum. I was reading it for the past few weeks and got a lot of good information, and have also been happy to find it is a very friendly place. :)
Now, I'm looking for a new flashlight.
I post only in this forum, but I don't seek only 1 x AAA flashlight - any type of battery can be suitable. (maybe a general "flashlight recommendation request" sub forum is in required?)
I already have DX's C30 and autoshop8810's (ledshoppe?) 3W MXDL, and I'm very happy with both of them - the C30 for its great light and the flood to throw function which has been very helpful on certain occasions and the MXDL for its small size and good enough light and runtime.
But I want a better flashlight - maybe more light but also more runtime, but I'm overwhelmed by the multitude of flashlights, so I need your help.
I made a list of requirements, I hope it's sensible:
  1. Modes: At least two - high/low. I really prefer it not to have any strobe/SOS or the like. I really prefer the "low" mode not to be PWM but real voltage/current regulation. Should have good memory implementation. If there are three or more brightness levels - I prefer them to be low->medium->high.
  2. Brightness: I'm not sure what "high" lumens I need, but I want it in the vicinity of the C30 or higher. The "low" can be like the MXDL, which is fairly low (under 10 lumens, I guess).
  3. Runtime: At least 1 hour in "high" mode, at least 6 hours in "low" mode.
  4. It must be able to tailstand. I want to use it as a candle / emergency light. I found that the MXDL light is enough light for me for this purpose.
  5. Size: Should not be big. I would like it to be pocketable.
  6. No sharp / pointy parts - it should go into my pocket and I don't want it to rip anything.
  7. LED: White - I don't care if it's cold, neutral or warm, only that it won't have too much of a non white tint. (not purplish/bluish tint as the MXDL, not too orange if warm, not green etc.). Also, I really prefer it to be branded - Cree, SSC, OSRAM, etc. as long as it's not generic.
  8. Batteries: I really have no preference here, although I'm unfamiliar with the Lithium-Ion types (have only used AA/AAA so far). (aren't lithium-ion batteries dangerous?)
  9. Switch: I prefer a clicky, but I guess I can live with a twisty as long as it's not too easy to separate the flashlight body by accident as it is with the MXDL.
  10. Body: Should be rigid (the C30 got some marks from a 30cm fall - not good enough) and water resistant (I want to be able to use it in the rain). Type III anodized aluminum / stainless steel - I really don't know much in this area. Waterproofing is not necessary but can be a nice touch.
  11. Flood/Throw: I prefer a more floody light. But it could be a very nice addition to have a flood-to-throw mechanism.
  12. Price: I prefer less than 20$, but can live with 30$ or even 40$ if it's really worth it.
Thanks for your help!

Only one comes with the desired features...


And it is a nice flashlight for many but not for all.

But like many zoomies it does not provide great waterproof capability.


Nice find!

Thanks, but I think it's too big and runtime is too short.

Is there something with the form factor of the IlluminaTi?

Maybe if I ditch the flood-to-throw requirement, but concentrate on a more floody light... And if all else fails, then I can settle for throw light.

Size and runtime are more important than beam shape.

The problem in all your requirements might actually be current regulation - most of the cheaper lights, and lot of the mid-range/mid-priced lights that would otherwise fall in your requirements use a PWM for output control. Would it be acceptable if the PWM wasn't noticeable?

Yes, if PWM is not noticeable it's also acceptable.

Still the most difficult would be runtime on 1AA if not lithium based. If the led is reasonably well driven you cannot expect more than a good hour of runtime from a good AA (on high).

Maybe the manafonts BLF Mr.lite. Not realy a king of brightness but has 2 really low modes (1 should be moon mode, but the other qualifies as a moon and a half).

And with lithium battery?

I'm willing to dive into this world. :)

My only real complaint about my Mrlite BLF AA-Y4E is the PWM flicker on the lowest mode. But I suspect mine might flicker more than most of them, because other owners hardly noticed the PWM. The second lowest mode (still very low) does not exhibit PWM at all, however. It's a tiny bit large, but easily pocketable, and insanely bright.

It's not for sale anymore (couldn't find it in Manafont or Google).

The Mr.Lite J4 is the same light with the modes in opposite order, it comes on in high and has three lower modes.


Manafont must have sold out of the BLF customised batch. The body can be bored if you have access to a lathe so that it will take a 17500 cell for much improved runtime.