Looking for a particular host

I've been searching all over for a beer can type of flashlight that uses 3x 18650's but has a reflector geared toward throw rather than flood, with a single emitter. I'd like to keep the price around $20-30 for the host but if that's not possible I could go a little more On the price. The only ones I've found is an Olight that runs $130 and a knockoff of the Olight that's still $90.

Anybody know now of a light that matches my description? if it was a 3s battery configuration it would make my job a lot easier but it doesn't matter, if I can find the right host I can make it work.

Courui D01 pretty much fits the bill perfectly. Unless you want less throw and more beer-cannyness? :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s 1S3P battery configuration but that can be modified fairly easily. Just search on here for Courui or “Big head” you should find some good stuff :slight_smile:

Yup I like em also

I noticed you did not say 3S or 3P and then there is single or triple emitter?

courui D01 (probibly your best thrower)
black shadow darth
Ultrafire UF-T70
TrustFire X2 SST-50
SolarStorm Warrior-II
TrustFire X6 SST-90
TrustFire TR-3T6
BTU. Shocker (super popular)

some I knew, the others I just did a BLF search for “3x 18650”

but you get the idea

One guy here modded a solarstorm T4 with a single reflector and red PH-54 LED, you can search for that mod, I think he listed what reflector he used. That would be pretty much exactly the light you described.

Here searched for you-

Courui is 1S3P? Really…

Yeah, cells are in parallel.

Hmm got check it out thanks!