Looking for a SK68 / Clone Reflector

Anyone with a SK68 or clone, I call them Mini-Cree’s, knows what the reflector looks like.
It looks like a flat, pressed in reflector with a hole in the middle for the bulb.

After getting a few of these I got a couple XML-T6’s and wanted something just a bit bigger and brighter than my mini-cree’s made for the 18650 for godd brightness and longer battery life. I found one I liked at Amazon,

Then I found it at Tmart for cheap,

I like it Ok but the tube is very thin and with the diameter it could use a plastic battery tube like the ones that came with my T6’s so I ordered a couple even though the battery doesn’t rattle once the tail cap is screwed on.

Then I saw another cheap 18650 flashlight that looked similar but the tube looked thicker and it is. The diameter is smaller but the body is thicker. It weighs 17g more than my other and it came with a sheath so I expected it to suck for $5. but I like it better than my other except it has a black plastic/nylon piece over the emitter and no reflector.

It’s made just like my Cree Ultrafire, SK68 clones and is the same size, 17mm dia. with about a 3mm depth and needs a flat press-in reflector the same size as my mini-Cree’s but I’ve searched for hours for Cree parts and several sites for this type of reflector with no luck.

If anyone has a dead mini-Cree Ultrafire or SK68 ( I guess they’re the same size) laying around and wants to sell one (or two) cheap let me know.


it’s real SK68 model

Price: USD $ 2.5 / pc

For anyone to mail a light to you it would cost more to ship than buying a cheap light from China. That’s why the link for lightingsam. $2.50 for a cheap light, less than the cost to ship one in the U.S.

If you buy it on Ebay or Amazon, It doesn’t have distinction whether you buy it from China,

True enough. I’ll just set this one aside and wait and see if any of my cheap mini-cree’s die. Then I’ll see if I can pry out the little reflector plate and put it in this.
I have enough cheapies to last awhile. I have two 6” long XML-T6’s and a good holster, two 4.5” long X-4 (18650) Cree’s and this newest 4.5” 18650 size one I got to maybe replace the X-4’s which work well enough but made from very thin metal. I like this size for one I would carry but also have a good holster to carry one of my mini’s w/14500’s which would also be a good one to have on my side, I just want a little more, as in a smallish 18650 powered one. Now to see how they hold up.

The past couple months was my first experience with these new LED’s. The ones I’ve collected from past years with nine to fifteen led’s aren’t nearly as bright as this new generation of LED lights with a single LED. I use to think they were pretty bright but I tossed them all in a drawer after I got my first SK68. I really like this my XML T6 which should be around 1000lm according to a chart I copied to my pictures of the Brightness Bins for the Cree XM-L T2 to U3 at 700mah, 1000mah, 1500mah & 3000mah and XM-L2, S4 thru U3 Bin types.

I’m using ncr18650b 3100mah li-ion’s and none of my lights get above 99 degrees with plenty of light.
I’ve seen some videos of temp tests that were stopped after 20 to 30 minutes as temps reached 130 degrees so I don’t want anything too powerful.

I’ll just have to spend a few more dollars on my next purchase. I did find a site last night that I hadn’t seen before with a huge selection of led flashlights, ect… and what looks like better and more honest specs on their lights. Also the best price I’ve seen on ncr18650b li-ions.