Looking for a successor to a Romisen RC-N3 Q5

Back in the ancient times of 2010 I bought a Romisen light that was pretty much the best available for the time, able to run off of a 123 or two AAs with an extension tube. Time has passed so now I’m looking to see if there are lights in a similar pocket sized factor that will give more light or more time or generally outclass it.

Reviews at the time rated it around 125 lumens, and now I’m seeing reviews giving lights hundreds or even thousands of lumens, so I’m imagining that there’s been some improvement lately in the flashlight field.

How many lumens are you looking for?

Yup, be more specific. Size requirements, required output, power source(AA, NiMH or LiOn?). 400 OTF lumens can be had from a single AA these days. 3-4 thousand lumens from a modded 14500 light are also obtainable. We live in a bright time.

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In the 2xAA format the Nitecore MT2A comes to mind. 345 lumen nowadays, 36 dollar on amazon. But if you search there will probably be better deals on it.

You get a brighter flashlight (and too much choice to recommend any single one) if you switch to Li-ion batteries, but that may not be the goal.

Hey Kitsune does your name have anything to do with Babymetal?

I’m greedy! I want more for less. The Romisen can go about three and a half hours at a hundredish lumens on two AA, so my definition for beating it is more light with longer runtime on equal or lesser batteries. Bonus points if, like the Romisen, it can run off of multiple battery types. I usually keep it with a 123 for easier portability, but if I need more runtime I just screw on the extender so I can throw in eneloops.

Nope, it’s just Japanese for fox. I’ve heard some of Babymetal’s songs, but if they’re using kitsune in any way, my username is just a coincidence.

Well this might be the answer:

or: http://lightjunction.com/eagletac-d25a2-mini-new-upgraded-xp-g2-s2-led-325-lumen.html

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Can’t help you with AA lights
Only have a bunch of those $2-$2,50 zoomies that are pretty bright.
When I got into this I decided to go with 18650 cells
And I got a couple where I can put 3*AAA instead of li ion for gifting them
So I’d say read the first post of the second link in my sig to check if li ion is to your liking, if so a world of very bright and divers flashlights opens up.

If you’re willing to upgrade to a single-18650 size light (smaller than 2xAA), then you can get to truly awesome outputs. Stock lights are available that will do 1000+ lumens on an 18650, and some modified lights can do 3000+.

For an unmodified light, the best I’ve ever seen is the Zebralight SC600w III HI. It features:

  • small pocketable size
  • max output 1126 lumens
  • runtime: 12 hours at 139 lumens, 33 hours at 61 lumens
  • max throw 19,000 lux, with excellent flood.
  • feels great in hand

I bought a bunch of the RC-N3 when they were closing out at $5-7 each.
Put a current XM-L2 of your favorite tint (3A or 3D for me), or XP-L or XP-G3, and upgrade the driver. You have a new light in your favorite 2AA or CR123A form factor. They are well built and have a nice smooth beam/reflector.

I like the Sandwich Shoppe Nexgen single mode driver because it is so efficient and well behaved. They are pricey at $10 ea though. There are other boost drivers that fit in there with a bit of work. I didn’t find the stock driver efficient at all so tossed it.

All around useful single mode muggle light (they also have forward clicky) I prefer 100-200 lumen range for general use, you can get 5-6 hours on batteries with a good driver and SOTA LED.

You intrigue me with this statement. I’d honestly never considered swapping out the guts before. Hadn’t even expected that other parts would fit.