Looking for a TK70

Anyone have one 4 sale?

I just sold my tk70a couple of weeks ago but Kreisler posted a thread about TK75 being on sale for 150 bucks some days ago….

There was one on CPFM for $105 for literally weeks but it appears to be gone now


Going Gear still shows as having two TK70’s in their garage sale thread for $120. Used but excellent condition is what they are marked as.

Do you have a link? Having trouble finding them.

I found it… Thanks!!

Why dont just buy the BTU Shocker? I know TK70 is come with side switch though.

My grandfather wants one. The fact that the TK70 can use alkaline batteries appeals to him. & Yes, I have told him Alkaline batteries don’t support Turbo mode. He doesn’t care… It’s what he wants…

I remember reading somewhere that the newer TK70’s were updated so that they did work on turbo for a bit on alkaline?

Alkalines are safer option, but beware of the possible leakage though.



LOL! I may a TK75 one day… When they come out with one that can beat the BTU

LOL that sounds like a excuse for a beta light. I understand some folks wrists aren’t strong enough to manage the beastly BTU…. :open_mouth: lmao

But back to the TK70…. The 75 - BTU discussion is never ending…

I have one TK70 led torch for sell but not absolutely like this. If you are interested in buying then Pm.

Cam you PM me some pics & a price?

Dale, goinggear on CPFM has 2 left for $120 each, but shipping might kill the deal.


Already pointed these out above. Also shipping is included at the $120 price.