Looking for a used Lumintop tool 2.0 14500

Thinking about Lumintop tool aa or similarly bright light.
Don’t mind used if it’s cheap.
With 14500 battery if possible.

How cheap does cheap need to be? I don’t necessarily have anything to sell ya, but there are plenty of small bright flashlights in the $20 range to be had. Cool white or warm / neutral? Need to be clicky, or is e-switch ok?

  • Lumintop Tool AA 2.0 (no battery) for $20 link
  • Lumintop Tool AA 2.0 (with battery) for $29 link
  • Ultratac A1 (with battery) for $25 link
  • Wowtac W1 (with 16340 battery) for $18 link
  • Sofirn SP10S can usually be found for around $15 (no battery) or $18 (with battery and charger) but might be sold out right now

That Sofirn SP10S sounds good at around $15 but I read the turbo only lasts around a minute and it goes down to low mode making it pretty much useless afterwards.
Lumintop I think runs longer.
No hurry, just checking.
I already have S2+ and AAA lights.
Just itching to get something in between.

The SP10S turbo is timed at three minutes, and then steps down to whatever mode was last used. The Tool doesn’t step down, and can overheat.

It will overheat, trust me

Yeh, was gonna say that unless someone wanted to just give it away for the cost of shipping, it’s likely easier to just hit amazon for a decent 14500 light.

Just looked, and the Wuben E05 kit is 25bux flat, no coupons or nuttin’.

Nice light WITH rechargeable 14500, and is a pretty good alkaleak vampyre too (as long as you sniff the alkaleak nightly).

The cell is rather long, ie, an actual 14500 with charging board slapped on, and not a 14430, so the light will take regular cells just fine with its long springs, but the cell won’t necessarily fit other lights.

Damned nice light for the price, and again, that’s 25bux for the kit, not just the light.


Look it up. Magnetic tail, sideclicky with status LED, nice fuzzy carrying case, cable, etc.

Hmm… looks like E05 has bigger head and tail.
Does that allow it to run longer at turbo than the Lumintop?

E05 is a great light as long as you’re not particular about hold-for-off

True from regular mode group but long press from off goes direct to high and then quick click to off.
Double click from off = strobe and again quick click to off.

Run time overall compared to Tool 2.0 is better as well.
Have both lights and like them both but the Wuben E05 gets the nod at that price point.

Yeah, when less concerned about money, it’s Wuben E05 and Skilhunt M150 all day. Very nice lights.

Yeh, discovered that on my own (like I read manuals…) and it drove me buggy ’til I figured it out on my own.

Burning down alkaleaks I just turbo it anyway, so for me it’s simply click-off.

What’s nice is that the diffuser cap sticks on the tail for “storage”.

I already lost the caps for… was it the Tool? Wowtac? whatever came with a gitd diffuser cap.

Now you got me drooling for the Skilhunt and I have a $50 amazon gift card staring at me, must resist and will because shipping is slow right now but will probably have to have that one.
Really enjoying smaller flashlights these days.

I know, I sold my M150 and E05 to some buddies for a song… kinda regret that. Oh well, it’s not like I don’t have any flashlights sitting around…

How cheap? I have a tool 1.0 with 2.0 driver modded with Nichia 219C 3500K high cri LED. But I don’t want to give it away.

It’s pretty mint.

My husband uses the exact same one.
And yes, you’re right, shipping from Amazon is a living hell right now. I still have several items from there, including a gift for my husband for the New Year)))