Looking for a Video card or XFX RX 580 receipt

Long story short, been sick the last few days, so decided to take it easy and play some Video games with the Kids.

All of the sudden my computer shuts off mid-game and will not do anything. After a lot of troubleshooting things are at least better then they could be, turns out my video card just up and died and is shorting out the motherboard. Running on integrated GPU things are working fine.

So I called XFX support about the card and basically he said that he needs a receipt for an XFX RX 580 purchased in the last 1-2 years and he will start the warranty process even though the card is technically out of warranty (always had really good experiences with XFX support, highly recommended). Without that his hands are tied.

So wondering if anyone here might have a receipt for an XFX RX 580 they would be willing to send me a screenshot of? I got this card second hand so I don’t have a receipt sadly.

Short of that, looks like I need a GPU, anyone got something in the RX 480/580 range they are thinking about selling before I start stalking ebay? Even better would be if I could trade flashlights / modding work for part\all of the card. Also have parts to build a few more Lumen spheres I could trade (or sell and use the money to buy a card).

Thanks for any help.

P.S. On an unrelated note, I am also on the look out for a cheap replacement socket 1155 motherboard that will work with a 2500k for my moms system. Or possibly a whole new setup for the right price, although the 2500k performance is fine for her needs. Her system is just crashing under really strange and un-replicateable conditions and ruining hours and hours of work for her. So kinda taking a a sledge hammer approach to it now lol.

My RX 580 died
They need a receipt from the last 2 years to approve a warranty claim
If I can’t get that, I am looking for a new video card
want to trade flashlights / modding work / Lumen tube for a video card

Can’t you just give them a serial number?

I gave them the one that is on my card (I have to send my card in, so can’t use another serial), he looked it up and said the warranty has expired for that serial but if I have a receipt that says it was purchased within the last ~1-2 years he could apply it and the warranty claim could be approved. He said he is not real picky about how the proof of purchase is presented, he just has to have something to put in the file or his hands are tied.

He heavily hinted he didn’t care if the receipt was for this actual card or not. Nice guy, he is going the extra mile, just nothing he can do without some form of proof of purchase which is understandable.