Looking for an case for 2x18650 @8.4v to use with my helmet torch

Hi all,
I’m looking for a battery case which will house 2x18650 which I can use with my helmet light for mountain biking, but I’m surprised to not find any good options. The few that I can find are for 18650 AND 26650, so they’re a lot bigger than they need to be. I only need a barrel connector.
Can anyone recommend a good one?

I agree it is a bit surprising and unfortunate that there aren’t good options. I just solder wires onto the cells to make my own pack. I understand if that’s not your first choice, but it is effective and compact.

The next best option that allows interchangeable cells is a holder like the keystone 1048.

It is just an open cell holder that you would solder wires to, and you’d want to protect the exposed leads. Most cell holders are very low quality with crappy electrical connections, but this one is good.

Something like this?

Or a DYI version made out of one of these?

Or a built versions like.

Look for Bike light battery packs.
All the Best,

Yeh, was gonna suggest an external pack for a bike-light, as I think they’re generally 2S, and hopefully waterproof, or at least water-resistant.

Not sure if you can order from Russia but Ferei have some nice aluminum cases fro both 4.2 and 8.4V