Looking for an good reflector/optic for XHP70, to fit in a Maglite.

I'm currently working on a 3D camo maglite with these specs:

  • 3X 26650
  • TaskLED H6Flex driver, set to drive XHP70 @ 6.6A
  • E-switch
  • Custom Aluminium heatsink

All parts are here except the reflector/optic. I tired the "deep" magled reflector with an mt-g2 and wasn't please with the beam, this plastic reflector leaks a lot of light! I think about 20% goes right through the plastic. Also the beam although being narrow, it doesn't throw.

Also got a OP 50mm SST50 reflector from fasttech but the beam is way too floody, and it requires a good amount of modification for it to fit into the maglite head. If everything else fails I might have to go with this.

So I kept looking and found this!

It is supposed to be 10 degree and the size is perfect for the maglite. Problem is it's been on backorder for a few months already and don't know any other place that sells it.

So if you know of any good reflector/optic for a XHP70 with a diamater under 48mm, please share it here.

I had the same problem. I ended up using this https://www.fasttech.com/products/1051800. It might be similar to the one you tried but it worked well for me. It fit perfectly.

Thanks! I only ordered the OP version, didn’t consider this one. Did you have to file of the edge for it to sit inside the maglite head, or was it direct fit?

Now that I look at it, I realized that I did not screw the bezel all the way down. I had it tight but a closer look shows that it still has maybe a turn before fully tight. I apologize, u were right, it would need some file work to get that lip to clear the ID of the Mag head.

The OP Version is only 37x32?