Looking for an Olight s15 disassembly how to?

Hey guys haven’t been around awhile (not that I was much before) but I have gotten an S15 w/ extender for my wife for Xmas cause of the UI (she was getting tired of her SC52) but I’m wanting to strip and anodize it pink for her (I do anodizing myself but admittedly never pink so that’ll be fun.

Is there anyone who’s managed to disassemble one? I can get the bezel off but that’s it, the lens is really held in. It looks like everything just comes out the front if I can just get the lens out but trying it I already messed up the red O-ring some and stopped.

Are their any tricks or youtube videos? I searched google an hour the other day and didnt even see anything at CPF.


I think you’re probably out of luck, because I don’t think the body disassembles completely.

Here’s how to disassemble it mostly:

  1. Unscrew the bezel: Use one of those rubber pads from the grocery store used to open stuck jars. Hold the light in your right hand and the pad in the palm of your left hand. Press the bezel into the pad firmly and unscrew. It should come right off with no possibility of scratching the bezel.

2. The lens o-ring is actually a gasket with a slot in it for the lens. After removing the bezel, unscrew the tailcap and insert a battery. PUSH on the back of the battery to push the pill, lens and reflector out of the light.

3. The lens and lens gasket should pop right out. the reflector will probably only go a few mm past the top of the body of the light and then will stop. It’s stopping because an alignment tab is hitting the bezel threads. There are two ways to finish removing the pill:

(a) the easiest way is to simply start turning the reflector. The reflector is screwed in to the top of the pill. rotating the entire pill assembly should allow the alignment tab to engage and migrate through the bezel threads allowing the entire pill assembly to come out.

(b) if you accidentally unscrew the reflector from the pill, you should now see the alignment tab hitting the screw threads. You can either turn the pill through the threads, or you can lift up the alignment tab while you push the back of the pill to remove the pill.

4. Here’s the problem you may have: Even with the pill removed, there’s no obvious way to remove plastic or rubber button from the body of the light. It’s held on with a metal fitting and I’m not sure that it inscrews (but I haven’t tried). I think it might be press fit with expanding tabs. If that’s the case, you won’t be able to remove it.

Perfect! Thank you sir.

Being able to remove the reflector will alow me to plug the front of the light and I can protect the button with a protective coating of some sort (I’m new to anodizing so I’m not sure of the substance but I know there’s a few different ways to “mask” sections off to make cool designs and stuff so I can just do that over the button.

This is going to match her pink w/ pink trits L10 219, I was never able to get her ZL apart at all so I just polished it and tho she never complained I know she was always dissapointed about it not being pink, all the rest of her EDC is, even her SD gear and her knife (well the kershaw chive on her keys is rainbow but her CRKT ripple frame lock is custom TiN coated pink and on top of that I know she never really liked the Sc52’s UI. If this S15 had a turbo on 14500’s I’d have to get me one too, I love it so far but I can’t carry it or she’ll see, she’s into gear like me so I can’t hide new stuff from her lol.

Sorry to ramble I’m just excited about it, once again thanks man.

i have pulled apart my Olight S65. If its similar you can easily disassemble: i just unscrewed the bezel, inserted a blunt, soft object in the back of the light and pushed on the battery carrier contact board and the lot (battery contact plate, driver, heatsink, emitter, reflector, gasket and lens) all get pushed out the front of the light. Dont get fingerprints on the lens or the reflector!